What to Wear to a Winter Interview


Get the job in 'snow' time.

by LINDSAY CARBONE    ★    JAN. 29, 2018

You've probably searched through so many internship opportunities and written so many cover letters, your head is starting to spin. However, you hopefully will realize all of the effort is worth it when you get that golden ticket email asking for an interview. Interviews are a company's first chance to see you face to face, and it is essential to make a good first impression.

Even though it is freezing outside, the ugg boots and sweatpants you wore all throughout break are not exactly acceptable business attire. Here are a few outfits that you can throw together for a winter interview that are inexpensive, professional and bold.

1. The jumpsuit outfit


If you are looking to leave a lasting impression then the jumpsuit outfit is the way to go. A jumpsuit is a bold choice that will show your future employer you are powerful and not afraid to take risks. A smart way to tie this outfit together is to add a belt or blazer to the look. The jumpsuit is a way to look expensive and stylish, for practically no cost at all. It is a quick, one piece outfit you can throw on for last minute meetups.

2. The blazer outfit


A good essential to have in your closet is a plain blazer, because it can be dressed up and dressed down. Depending on the type of interview you are going to, you can wear a full blazer, or just the blazer jacket for a chicer look. A huge plus to the blazer outfit is that you can pair the jacket with a summer blouse, which you probably already have in your closet. To make a statement with your shirt, try a power color like red!

3. The pencil skirt outfit


The classic pencil skirt is timeless. Depending on whether you want to be appear more formal or casual, add a blazer or sweater to this look. You may be skeptical about wearing a skirt when it's frosty outside, but here's a pro tip: Wear your favorite sweatpants under the skirt and slip them off before you go into the interview. Just make sure you bring a bag big enough to hide them in!  

4. The sweater dress outfit


If pants aren’t really your style, then the sweater dress is for you. A winter spin on the classic black dress is a sweater dress for added warmth. This dress is a smart purchase, because it's so versatile. Depending on the accessories you decide to wear with the dress, it can be used for an interview or just a nice dinner. The sweater dress is by far the most comfortable interview attire, so go for this look if you have to travel far to get to the interview!

5. The collar shirt outfit

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 11.21.24 PM.png

This look is more casual, but it still reads professional and put together. Another great essential to have handy in your closet is a collar shirt which you can pair with a winter sweater. This outfit leaves lots of room for styling as you can use any sweater you like, and you can top it off with a statement necklace. Layers are key in the winter and the collar shirt + sweater combo is sure to keep you warm.


Just because it is drab outside does not mean your outfits need to be the same. There is no need to go crazy and buy a new wardrobe for a few interviews, because a lot of the pieces you are looking for could already be in your closet. Even if you get asked to meet the next day, you will be prepared! The key is to make sure you are warm, yet put together and you will be surely slay your interviews this season.

Tayler Bradford