Winter Fashion Staples


Unleash your inner ice queen with these cold weather must-haves.

by ALAINA CARUSO    ★    JAN. 5, 2018

Every fashionista knows that winter is the best time to show off your closet. As the snow piles up, you can finally break out all your cold weather staple pieces to style and layer. Check out these trendy winter must-haves that you need to have in your closet this season, because staying warm has never looked so chic. 

Winter white boots


If Kendall Jenner ignores the “no white after labor day” rule, then you can too. White winter outfits are hot right now, so why not start simple with white boots? This footwear trend was everywhere in the fall and has continued into the winter months. Not only do they match the snow, but some options are snow-proof as well, making them not only cute but practical. These combat-style work boots are by Dr. Martens and instantly make any winter outfit edgy.

Detailed sleeves


Sweaters are obviously a must in the winter, but don't be afraid to kick them up a notch. Sweaters with fun details, such as balloon or trumpet sleeves, are an easy way to add style to an otherwise simple outfit. Try wearing one with embroidered sleeves or plain bell sleeves, like the sweaters pictured above, to make any ensemble girly and unique.

Ditch the denim, pick up the patterns


Denim will always be a staple, but it is time to make room in your closet for patterned pants. This new take on traditional trousers is blowing up and almost every model has been seen wearing them in their “off duty” looks. Patterned pants and trousers are not only trendy, but definitely more comfortable than traditional jeans. These two are from Zara - AKA the go-to place for all things trousers - and their modern plaid and red-striped patterns are on point.

A new spin on scarves


Step up your scarf game. Faux fur is everywhere this season; it seems that almost every store has some version of a huge fur coat. However, if faux fur jackets are not your thing or simply not practical for you, opt for an altered version of the trend. Faux fur scarves and snoods are a perfect way to stay stylish and warm. They can dress up any outfit, not to mention they are ridiculously soft.

Let's take a moment to praise whoever invented blanket scarves as they essentially made it socially acceptable to wear a blanket. Huge, chunky scarves are a staple this winter; they add a level of texture to any outfit. To shake things up, try wearing your blanket scarf as a wrap. As ponchos make their way back in this season, transform your scarves in to makeshift ponchos to stay toasty all winter long.


The best part about these must-have items? They're beyond versatile, so you can easily mix up your look by pairing them up with tons of different outfits. It can be tempting to stay tucked in bed for the rest of winter, but you'll be more than motivated to showcase your killer style with these cool everyday pieces.

Tayler Bradford