Splurge on High Fashion Swimwear


Treat yourself to a new bikini at these online shops.

by KRYSTAL PAN    ★    MAR. 18, 2018

Spring break just passed, but it marked the beginning of swimsuit season. Online shopping can be so stressful when you can access every store imaginable at the touch of a cursor. You could always shop at a big-brand store, but if you're looking for a more trendy swimsuit to splurge on, check out these online shops that celebs and Instagram bloggers have been loving this season: 

She Made Me


This shop is based in Australia, the capital of crochet swimwear. The brand has been featured by huge celebs like Kendall Jenner. Each bathing suit is handmade. She Made Me has a distinctly vintage vibe, mixed with playful modernism in their designs. Since their crochet and bathing suit tops are so ornate and pretty, you can even pair them with shorts and wear them to a concert or music festival. 



This is one of the trendiest swimsuit brands of the moment. Marysia often designs their suits with signature scalloped edges or other embellishments. Their suits have been worn by VS Angels on their vacations and holidays. The brand isn't afraid to use high saturation colors in their suits. Their one pieces are also worth checking out if you're going for a more subtle look.

Solid & Striped


This is a swimsuit brand with lines for men and women. Just as their names suggests, their signature design elements are stripe and tartan while also featuring solid colored suits. So, if you're looking for a striped suit, Solid & Striped is your go-to. Their looks are super simple, but that's what makes them so classic and fashionable. The brand has been spotted on Gigi Hadid, and many other Instagram bloggers. Their swimsuits are also suitable for all different kinds of body shapes; Not only do vertical stripes look timeless, they can also make you look slimmer and polish your proportions. 

For Love & Lemons


This clothing brand is an American pop-up based in Los Angeles, another swimsuit capital. If you're a regular at Urban Outfitters, you've probably heard of this brand before. While For Love & Lemons is best known for their clothes, their bathing suits are just as fashionable. Their aesthetic is both girly chic and hopelessly romantic. 



Mikoh is another American swimwear brand that is extremely popular at the moment. They feature modern designed suits, usually in solid colors and interesting prints. Their suits tend to fall on the sexier side. Their suits have been seen on Rihanna, and they've recently been featured in many big publications, such as Sports Illustrated. 

Camp Cove Swim


Our last pick is another Astralian-based swimwear brand. Camp Cove Swim is true to its name, featuring simple retro styles that are sure to trigger some serious nostalgia. They are known for their high quality designs. You can find not only simple black swimsuits, but also super vintage prints and high waist styles. 


It might be awhile longer before warm weather comes to 'Cuse, but if you're looking to splurge on any of these high fashion swimsuits, you should start saving up now. Treat yourself for all your hard work- It'll be worth it when you get the perfect vacation picture to post.

Tayler Bradford