Mix Up Your Summer Wardrobe with Mixology


UGirl teamed up with Mixology to give you the outfit inspiration you need for this summer.

by TAYLER BRADFORD    ★    JUNE 11, 2017


Shorts weather is finally amongst us! Time to move on from your all black ensemble, and embrace pastels, whites and light wash denim. Check out these five outfits from Mixology to help you step up your outfit game.

Gangnam style or gingham style?


Summer is the perfect season to turn your low key obsession with overalls into a high key obsession. Now that Memorial Day has finally passed, it is acceptable to add a white pair to your collection. Search for overalls with rips for some extra edge.

Style the overalls over one shoulder, and showcase your favorite crop top underneath. As an alternative second option to stripes, the gingham pattern is trending this summer. Change your typical spaghetti strap crop top silhouette up by throwing on a halter top instead.

Don’t forget to grab a pair of reflective sunnies on your way out for a pop of color!

☆ Superstar ☆


You will 100 percent wear shorts and a loose T-shirt this summer. Spice up your go-to summer outfit with a pair of unique shorts and a statement belt. 

Light wash denim all the way. Whether you find a pair with stars, rips or embroideries, it's impossible to make a wrong choice.

Avoid tucking your T-shirt into your shorts. Instead, transform it into a cute crop top by simply tying the excess fabric into a knot. 

Bonus points if you match your sunglasses to your belt. These reflective sunnies draw your eye to the silver detail on the retro star belt, and complete the look. 

Statement stripes


Although hard to come by, jumpsuits are a wardrobe must-have.

Don’t be afraid of patterns and details! Radiating summer nautical vibes, vertical stripes elongate and slim your figure. Not to mention, this crossover detail on the chest is absolute fire. 

Dress this look up with wedges or down with platform sandals.

Casual chic


Your closet always has room for another pair of jeans. The panel of dark wash denim against the light wash denim of these jeans makes for a eye-catching contrast. And the rips add more dimension to the overall look.

Dress up a pair of statement jeans with a lace top. Trade in your go-to black choker for a rose gold one. Not only does it add a girly element to your outfit, it also gives you the opportunity to tie the whole look together with a pair of rose gold shoes.

What do roses and flames have in common?


Both are hot embroidery trends. Always be on the look out for new embroideries, like these blue roses, that hug the sides of your chest and frame your face.  Not sure what bottoms to wear? Any crop top can be paired with a cute denim skirt.

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Clothes featured: Mixology

Photographer: Arianna Flashner

Photo Editor: Tayler Bradford

Stylist: Tayler Bradford

Models: Tayler Bradford, Sasha Levin

Tayler Bradford