Mayfest Makeup Must-Haves


Travis Scott won't be the the only person turning heads at Mayfest if you try these makeup tips.

by EMILY WEINSTEIN   ★    APR. 27, 2017

If you couldn’t make the trip to Coachella this year, don’t worry because there is still another chance to live up the music festival vibes at Mayfest 2017! It is not just about the music but also the fashion.

Mayfest is one of the last days of the semester to get that perfect Instagram photo. End the semester right with unique and vibrant makeup, which is becoming a trend for spring and summer. Bold colors will set you apart from a basic face of neutrals on this fun day.

Bold eyes

Sophomore Kendall Atkinson

Sophomore Kendall Atkinson

First focus on the eyes. Cover your whole lid with vibrant matte shades. A pop of color has the power to make your eyes stand out. Monochromatic makeup is super in this spring, so try to introduce colors like peach, pink and lilac to your makeup routine. Using just one shade of eyeshadow keeps the look simple, yet bold.

Go for a bold eye makeup look. Instead of dipping your brush into a neutral shade, use a wild color you never thought you would touch. A great addition to your makeup bag is a cream crayon eyeshadow stick. The Clinique counter in the SU Bookstore sells cream crayon eyeshadow sticks that work wonders. Use it on your eyelids for a vibrant hue that will last the whole day.


Eyeshadow sticks can double as an eyeliner. Line your bottom lash line with colors like gold, pink, or even white glitter. The glitter will latch onto the cream base of the eyeshadow stick. This technique will not only make your eyes look bigger, but also more symmetrical, making your eyes the focal point of your face.

If bold colors are not your thing, you can still have fun with neutrals! Stick to light browns, but adding a touch of a gold shimmer to the inner corner of the eye can brighten them up. Complete your eye makeup look with winged eyeliner.

Highlighter! Highlighter! Highlighter!


At a time like Mayfest, there is no such thing as too much highlighter. Why not follow the unicorn trend that has been taking over? Use a colored highlighter to add a pink glow to your cheeks. Try out iridescent highlighters that give off a rainbow effect. Cover your cheekbones and the tip of your nose to give your face that extra glow.

Lastly, lips


Lipstick is an essential for a fun day or night out. Mayfest is definitely the time to crawl out of your comfort zone and use that bright pink or purple shade you’ve been dying to try. Using a shade that contrasts your eyeshadow makes your face into a work of art.

Mayfest is the perfect day to take beauty risks. Bring a simple outfit to life with fleeky makeup. Sport bold makeup, and Travis Scott won’t be the only person turning heads this weekend.

Tayler Bradford