This Is the Best Summer to Dress for your Internship


Lucky for you, business casual is in season.

by KATIE FRANC    ★    JUNE 19, 2017

It’s a sad day when you have to close that NastyGal shopping cart. After countless summers filled with short shorts and crop tops, it's time to step up your outfit game for that summer internship.

Lucky for millennials, the dress code in the workplace has changed. Most offices are saying goodbye to business professional attire because business casual is taking over. But if you plan on interning at a large investment company, law firm, or bank, invest in a nice suit or skirt.

Your first real job

Internship at NBC News: Sarah Barth, Class of 2017

Internship at NBC News: Sarah Barth, Class of 2017


If you have a fairly standard internship this summer, something with a large cohort of other interns or a part-time gig, business casual is your best friend. You may be thinking: What even is business casual?

It’s all about finding that happy medium between clothes you’d wear to class and clothes you’d wear to an interview. The goal is to look polished and professional.

As a starting point, you can dress down one or two articles of professional clothing per outfit. You may swap a blazer with a sweater, slacks with black jeans or a button-up collared shirt with a cotton tee.

Staying cool

Internship at Tom Ford: Kylie Packer, Senior

Internship at Tom Ford: Kylie Packer, Senior


This coming summer, conservative sun dresses and chiffon shirts will keep you cute and cool in that stifling office heat. The first step in selecting an appropriate internship dress is looking at the length. The fingertip rule is always a good start by seeing if your skirt is longer than your hands resting by your sides.

It is important to keep in mind what you will be doing at work. Sitting at a desk or running errands may require different outfits.

Chiffon shirts are great for the heat, as they are extremely breathable. Plus, they come in many styles.

Pro tip: Make sure to bring an extra layer of clothing, such as a cardigan or jacket in case the office air conditioning makes the workplace freezing.

Statement shoes

Internship at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH: Sarah Zieff, Class of 2017

Internship at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH: Sarah Zieff, Class of 2017


Equally as important as any article of clothing, shoes have the power to dress an outfit up and down. So you’ll definitely want to splurge on a pair of comfortable, multi-purposed shoes. Interns are always asked to do a lot of running around, and as cute as those pumps may look, you’re going to feel them by the end of the workday.

Thanks again to that business casual trend, sandals and flats are totally acceptable. One of the hottest trends for internships this summer is lace-up flats. Not only do they work with pants and skirts, but they also add an extra detail that will complete your look.

Shoes can pull an entire outfit together, so don’t be afraid to go for a pop of color! That black T-shirt dress may not look like much, but paired with a bright blue, yellow or pink shoe, you have a trendy, comfortable, work-appropriate outfit.

Interns as billboards

Internship at Schultz: Alannah Fryer, Senior

Internship at Schultz: Alannah Fryer, Senior


Prepare for some companies to use you for free advertising! Companies are constantly working toward gaining brand recognition, especially through Instagram. So don’t be surprised if you are asked to pose in a photo wearing specific logos or products.

For the first few days of work, always overdress so you develop a greater sense of your job’s work attire. When you’re standing in H&M completely lost, focus on comfort and covering up. Internships vary from industry to industry, but the general rule now-a-days is business casual.

Tayler Bradford