Hottest Trends to Wear to Mayfest


UGirl teamed up with Urban Outfitters to give you the outfit inspiration you need for this weekend.

by TAYLER BRADFORD    ★    APR. 26, 2017

By now, you have scrolled through countless photos of your favorite celebs and influencers at Coachella. You saw their outfits and wished you were there. 

Transfer those envious Coachella vibes to ‘Cuse this weekend by going all out with your Mayfest apparel. Why would you wear a mediocre outfit on the best day of the semester? Instead, compile an Instagram worthy outfit that will make you stand out. So as you make your way down East Adams St., you will walk with confidence.

Not sure what to wear yet and in need of outfit inspiration? Here are six outfits found at Urban Outfitters in Armory Square.

Boho chic


Channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens and rock a flowy bohemian dress. Kick up the edge by wearing a unique backpack, like this clear one. Not only do backpacks store drinks, but they also act as accessories. Take your love of chokers to the next level with a bandana. Don’t be afraid to tie a bolder color around your neck.

Black with a pop of color


Even though it’s spring, do not shove every black piece of clothing you own into the back of your closet! Be daring and wear black with a pop of color here and there. Always rely on reflector sunnies to do the trick. Another way to introduce color to an outfit is through a pair of dope shoes. The pop of neon yellow and hot pink from these platform sandals bring the outfit to life.

Expand your denim collection with a pair of black overalls, and show off your favorite bralette underneath. Top off the look with a few flash tats and you’re good to go!

Fun and flirty


If you are struggling to put an outfit together, wear your go-to ripped boyfriend jeans and a crop top or bodysuit. And always be on the lookout for new styles. The open-back trend is absolute fire, even if you wear a lace or strappy bralette underneath.

Denim obsession


When in doubt, denim on denim is the answer. But be careful because this look must be exceptionally styled or it will go South. If the weather is nice, take that denim skirt out of your closet and pair it with a denim jacket. Layer the oversized denim jacket over a vintage crop top and decorate your fingers with your signature rings. 

If you're feeling bold, pull off a denim choker. Radiating cool, stylish, laid-back vibes, this combination is perfect for festival szn.

Make biker shorts great again


Biker shorts are back in style and better than ever. Say goodbye to the nerdy biker shorts we wore back in middle school and hello to loose, distressed styles that are super cool. Throw on an ultra crop top and your favorite sunnies to complete the look.

Consider bringing a cute cup along, like this reflective pineapple one. It will hold your drink and be the focal point of any photo you take.

Feminine edge

sophie 2.jpg

Easily paired with jeans, denim shorts and denim skirts, leather jackets have the power to make any look edgier. They transform any boring, basic look into one that turns heads. Because this leather jacket is a statement piece, it pairs well with a simple bodysuit. 

Leather jacket tip: When you look for leather jackets, try to imagine different outfit combos in your head so you understand its versatility.


Do not freak out if it rains this weekend. Braid your hair and wear a baseball cap or bohemian festival hat to hide the frizz. Can’t wait to see what you guys decide to wear!

Clothes featured: Urban Outfitters

Models: Tayler Bradford, Vivian Cheng and Sophie Stocklan

Stylists: Tayler Bradford, Vivian Cheng, Isabelle Figucia, Agaru Masters and Sophie Stocklan

Photographer: Stacy Fernandez

Photo Editor: Tayler Bradford

Tayler Bradford