Dress Cute, Stay Warm

Don't sacrifice style for the cold weather.

by MINDY ROSENTHAL  ★    APR. 03, 2017


Dressing cute during Syracuse winters is a constant struggle. When you wake up in the morning to a white out, -3 degree temperatures, and wind pressures that nearly push you over, the last thing you want to do is change out of your pajamas. 

By the time you roll out of bed, oftentimes you will throw on a pair of old joggers and a hoodie simply because it is easy. But, you do not have to settle for lazy outfits; putting together comfy, cute outfits does not have to be hard! Here are five tips for turning those outdated outfits into stylish ones that will still keep you warm.

Tip #1: Velvet leggings


Velvet leggings will solve all of your black legging struggles. We all know that black leggings are often deceiving. Even the expensive ones look warm, but once you step out into that wind, you immediately feel the cold burning your skin. 

Not only are they extremely warm and protect against the wind, but velvet leggings are also stylish. Change up your wardrobe by exchanging those athletic leggings for a pair of velvet. Introducing velvet into your wardrobe allows you to look chic, while still feeling super comfy. 

Tip #2: Layering with a graphic tee


We all know that feeling of bundling up to brave the cold, then dripping sweat once you get to class. Wearing a graphic tee allows you to strip down and cool off. 

The key to a good graphic tee is the fit. They absolutely have to be oversized, so going up one full size is a good rule of thumb to follow. This allows for comfiness, and also pairs well with velvet leggings. Found in almost any store, graphic tees come in a variety of styles. A big trend right now are graphic tees with words or short sayings on them. But, when in doubt, you can always go with a cool visual tee to bring some color into your outfit.

Tip #3: Comfy cardigan


Thick cardigans are a necessity for cute winter outfits. They automatically level up any outfit without having to put too much thought into it. They can be thrown over just about anything and can easily come off once you’re in class or at the library. 

Tip #4: Pom pom hats


Pom pom hats make any outfit unique while also keeping you warm. And they keep your perfectly straightened hair in place by protecting it against any wind or rain. Don't be afraid to go with a bold color because they don’t need to match your outfit. They will make you feel and look great. 

Tip #5: Fuzzy socks


Cold feet are the worst. thing. ever. And fuzzy socks are the cure. Fuzzy socks can be hidden under your big snow boots or tucked outside of your leggings with shorter boots. This can really add a lot to your outfit in a subtle way. 



Now that you know the necessities to dressing cute in the winter, you can conquer those Syracuse winters with some style. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and use these tips to guide you. 

Tayler Bradford