Comeback Trends


Baby come back: Trends that are making a reappearance this season.


by JORDANNA DRAZIN    ★    APR. 03, 2017


Everything that was once “out of style” comes back into style eventually. It’s inevitable!

Wearing vintage clothing always seems to make people look cooler. For whatever magical reason, vintage fashion gives you that edgy “in the know” look, without making it seem like you are trying too hard.

Recently there has been a huge reappearance of old trends, such as chokers, fishnet stockings and John Lennon inspired sunnies!


Freshmen Danielle Barenholtz and Kylie Fass

Freshmen Danielle Barenholtz and Kylie Fass


Chokers are a great accessory and are easy to add to any outfit for that extra pizazz. Whether it’s a simple leather strap to spruce up a casual day look, or a sexy black and gold one for a night out, you really can’t make a wrong choice. Sometimes chokers can serve as a delicate and dainty extra sparkle, while at other times bold chokers can be the star of your outfit.


Freshman Jenny Meiskin

Freshman Jenny Meiskin


Chokers have been making a comeback for quite a while now, whereas fishnet stockings are making somewhat of a newer appearance. Wear them under some ripped jeans if you’re going for an edgy look. You can wear them pulled up high so the waist band is seen, or add some rips and tears in them to wear under high-waisted shorts or a skirt.

While these stockings may be considered part of a halloween costume to some, they are currently being worn by trendsetters everywhere, and now hopefully by you too.

Round sunglasses

Freshman Emma Fetner

Freshman Emma Fetner


If you have an Instagram (who doesn't?) you probably know these shades are back in style. What you may not know is that this hot sunglasses trend is inspired by the famous John Lennon. 

Upon the release of Ray Ban’s round sunnies, girls all over the world started wearing them. While some may be under the impression that Ray Ban started this genius trend, let us not forget who is really responsible! John Lennon began rocking this look long before we were even born.

Either way, these shades are back and better than ever! Available in a variety of colors and sold by many different brands, these fun shaped sunnies can add a pop of color to an outfit and are perfect for a day spent in the sun!


Fashion repeats itself, so never get rid of your clothes once they go out of style. Come your future daughter’s college years, the trend will have been recycled as the hottest look all over again!

Tayler Bradford