Your Guide to a Chic Fourth of July


People won’t just be looking at the fireworks this year if you wear one of these outfits.

by TAYLER BRADFORD    ★    JUNE 30, 2017

Although it may seem like an appropriate day to show off your patriotic apparel, resist the urge to literally interpret the Fourth. That means it’s time to put your American flag shorts to rest this year.

Aim to dress chic with a hint of edge. You’ll look like you have your life together, even if you are still fighting a hangover from the weekend.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some outfit ideas so you are bound to be the best dressed on the Fourth.

Stand out

There is one basic rule when it comes to Fourth of July fashion: Wear red, white or blue. You don’t have to force all three colors into your outfit to be festive! In fact, eye-catching outfits tend to feature only one or two of those colors.

Take this red romper for example. The delicate leaf detail accompanied by the choker and peek-a-boo V-neck combines chic and edge into one article of clothing seamlessly. Not only will this color make you look tanner, but it will also make you stand out in the crowd.

When it starts to get a little chilly, throw on a white denim jacket to complete the look.

Denim obsession

If you’re looking for a classic way to incorporate blue into your look, give denim a try.

This does not mean throwing on a simple pair of shorts and a white T-shirt. Rather, find a rad pair of two-toned denim shorts and a white top that has an interesting silhouette.

This button down crop top introduces some prep into an otherwise basic outfit. Update your circle sunglasses look with a pair of octagon sunnies.


Don’t want to wear shorts? An off-the-shoulder crop top is a denim skirt’s best friend. Break up the white and light wash denim with a dark statement belt.

For a subtle patriotic flare, search for a retro belt with gold star details. Bonus points if you can find a pair of sunnies that has gold accents to tie the whole look together.

Skip out on the stars and go for the stripes


Ditch your go-to white summer dress for a two piece matching set. Because the silhouette is simple, wear a fun pattern.

This navy and white striped set is perfect for the Fourth, and will definitely turn heads. Don’t be afraid to show off a little midriff. Our founding fathers would definitely approve!

White out

All white everything allows for many opportunities to showcase red and blue accents. Easily pair white silk pants with a denim jacket to introduce a second color into your outfit.

Add more color to your look with accessories, but don’t overdo it. For a European touch, tie a colored bandana around your neck. If you don’t want to add a pop of color with a choker or pair of reflective sunglasses, opt to wear a pair of red or blue statement sandals.

White jeans: a timeless summer wardrobe staple.

Dress them up with a cute red top and wedges, or down with a crop top and strappy sandals. To achieve a casual look, rock a white pair with rips or fringe.


For a simple way to be patriotic, paint your nails red or blue! This trick will keep your outfit looking polished and fresh.

First four outfits from Mixology

Models and stylists: Brinna Bukowski, Ellie Cord, Tayler Bradford and Katie Intner

Tayler Bradford