Everything you Need to Know Before Getting the CHI Ultimate Blowout

Tired of frizzy hair and want a fix? Here's what you need to know before entering the salon.

by BRENDA KOOPSEN     ★    APR. 21, 2017

Every girl experiences those mornings where she looks in the mirror and sees a frizzy, unruly mess atop her head. On those days, doing your hair can take up more time than you would like to admit.

Tired of spending time in the morning to perfect your hair? Try the CHI Ultimate Blowout: a smoothing treatment option to achieve silky, frizz-free hair.

This treatment is safe and does not contain any formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals; the three main ingredients are pearl, cashmere and silk. These ingredients temporarily change the structure of your hair fibers and activate natural proteins to produces smooth, frizz-reduced hair.  

Here are a few things to know before getting the CHI Ultimate Blowout.

Styling is easy and quick


While you may spend two to three hours in the salon during the process, it actually saves you time at home. Plus, your new look can last for up to four months! Eliminating up to 95 percent of hair frizz, the CHI Ultimate Blowout results are incredible. 

Leave your hair natural or style it! Saving you time in the morning, this smoothing treatment makes the process of blow-drying and styling much faster and enjoyable. 

Why this treatment over others?

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Various salons offer other smoothing or straightening treatments, but the CHI Ultimate Blowout is a safe and healthy option for your hair. The ingredients of this treatment infuse the fibers of your hair with amino acids.

The CHI Ultimate Blowout is unique because it gradually fades after four months, leaving results that last longer. Many other treatments on the market have a noticeable transition as it fades, creating a distinct difference between your roots and the rest of your hair. With the CHI Ultimate Blowout, you can feel confident that your hair will still look great even as the treatment begins to fade.

Avoid putting your hair up for the first 7 days


Avoid using hair ties or clips for the first seven days after the treatment, even if you play sports or hit the gym after class. Putting your hair up can leave permanent creases because the treatment is activating during the first week. It is important to keep your hair straight so you can fully benefit from the process.

If you must put your hair up for a limited amount of time, you can always reach for the straightener to fix any indents left from hair ties. After the seven days, you are free to throw your hair back up into a messy bun after a long day of classes. 

Expect to add new products to your hair routine


It’s best to use sulfate and sodium free products after receiving a smoothing treatment. The CHI Ultimate Blowout comes with bottles of shampoo, conditioner and a smoothing serum that surprisingly last a while, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing new products for months.

Buying new shampoo and conditioner can be pricey, but they will make the treatment last longer. Most shampoos contain sulfate and sodium, which can strip your hair and dissolve the keratin. If you don’t want to break the bank, there are drugstore alternatives to the expensive salon brands. Stick with L’Oreal and Organix’s sulfate-free products to save a few bucks so you can still order chicken fingers from Good Uncle tonight.

As a college student, it can be hard to balance time, but hair smoothing treatments can solve help solve this problem. Spend less time in front of the mirror and speed up the process of getting ready for class or going out with the CHI Ultimate Blowout. It will leave your hair feeling smooth and amazing, and will probably keep you a little more rested in the morning.

Tayler Bradford