100% Waterproof: Spring Rainy Day Looks

Don't let the rain cramp your style. UGirl gives you four stylish looks guaranteed to keep you dry.

by KATIE INTNER  ★    APR. 11, 2017


You wake up to the sound of your alarm, hit the snooze button, rub your eyes and check the Weather App. All you see is the rain cloud icon, hour after hour. Ugh – you can already feel your hair frizzing in your muggy dorm room.

Do not let rainy days put a damper on your style. So, before you reach for your sweatpants and sweatshirt, try one of these outfit combos, all created with classic items you already have in your closet.

Army strong

Freshman Sophie Stocklan

Freshman Sophie Stocklan


There’s nothing like an army jacket to spruce up an outfit, so take yours out of hibernation. This lightweight jacket is perfect for humid days, and can easily be layered for unexpected temperatures.

Try and find one with a hood, like this army jacket from American Eagle. Providing extra protection from the rain, hoods are great for keeping your hair intact. Is your army jacket too simple? Find one with patch details so cute, you feel military strong all day.

Style the jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and a fuzzy sweater like this one. A light sweater works best so that you can bare those humid walks to class without dripping sweat. Add a hat to prevent frizzy hair, and you’re ready for any rain that comes your way!

Layered look

Sophomore Tayler Bradford

Sophomore Tayler Bradford


Rainy spring days are always dreadful because of the unpredictable temperatures and wind pressure. Finding a coat that keeps you dry and cool is a constant struggle. There is only one solution: layer!

This look combines simple layering techniques with a play on length. The long flannel under the cropped jean jacket creates a bold contrast that will definitely make you a trendsetter.

Distressed denim is always good idea because it adds just the right amount of “edge” to any rainy day look. Wear this ensemble with leggings or black jeans, and a plain T-shirt. Throw on a neutral colored rain coat and a hat for extra hair protection. Now you’re set for high or low temperatures, without the sweat glow.

Rock and roll with the rain


Do not let the rain stop you from wearing your favorite pieces! A leather jacket is an unexpected, but perfect addition to any rainy day look. When the humidity is through the roof, this chic jacket will keep you cool.

Adding a leather jacket instantly makes your outfit cool and edgy. When styling the leather jacket, stick to neutral accessories, since the leather jacket does most of the talking.

Take your edginess to the next level with a graphic tee and ripped skinny jeans. Instead of throwing on your go-to white sneakers, opt for a neutral colored high-top sneaker like this one. It will give your outfit an extra twist.

Get colorful


Change up your go-to black leggings and black sweatshirt rainy day outfit. Step out of your comfort zone and liven up your look with a little color. If you don’t want to stray far from your legging uniform, find a pair of colored leggings.

You can still be comfortable and fashionable. Pair the colored leggings with a unique top. This white sweater is perfect because it is neutral, but has stripes on the sleeves that match the color of the leggings. Subtly matching colors is a great styling trick and is easy on the eyes. The lace up neckline is also another subtle detail that will elevate the outfit. Brighten up any gray sky with a pop of color!


Rainy days are often dreaded, but with these four simple outfits made with items that are most likely in your closet already, you will be wishing for downpours.

Tayler Bradford