Journaling: The Upgrade to Your Middle School Diary

Let your mind wander.


Thinking about writing the words “Dear Diary” can take you back to 6th grade when you wrote about the middle school dance or the cute boy who sat behind you in math class.

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Fast forward to our college years, still dealing with parties and boys, but we’ve mostly turned to Twitter and Instagram to document it. Diaries often get the rep of being “girly” or juvenile, so let’s switch to journals. Sounds more mature right? Whatever you choose to call it, bringing this writing routine back into our lives is something to take a look at.

Noteworthy tips

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Be in a safe space. Whether your cuddled up in your bed, in a study room or grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, it’s important to be comfortable with your environment. Journaling is all about YOU, so set up camp where you feel the most ready to jot down your thoughts.

Make your journaling experience truly your own! Your journal is a rules free zone. It can be a place to doodle, write about a relationship, make a to-do list, write lyrics or music, or copy down some of your favorite quotes. Your journal can also be a place of healing and relaxation if you are dealing with a recent break up or stressful group project.

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Don’t be discouraged! If you’re unsure how you feel, that’s totally normal. We’ve all been there. It can be difficult to be vulnerable in front of other people, but it can be just as difficult to make realizations to ourselves. Write about whatever brings you ease, but don’t be afraid to really push yourself to figure out why you’re stressed or why you’re living your best life.

Side note: A common misconception when it comes to journaling: you need to find time to write every single day. Wrong. For some people, daily journaling can really help create a routine and act as a relaxing activity during a busy day, but not all of us have time to journal every day. Plus, some days you just won’t feel like it. Come up with a journaling schedule that works for you. Or don’t-- random journaling works too!

What makes this special?

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You may be thinking, “But what about talking to my friends? Isn’t it the same?”

Yes, we all love chatting and gossiping with friends, but writing is different. Writing takes time, and forces you to think about what you’re truly feeling before you mark it down. You may go to friends or family for advice once in a while, but sometimes you need to establish how you feel before seeking advice from others. When talking with others, we can easily be overwhelmed and jump into a meaningless spiral of word vomit.

Journaling forces you to organize your thoughts by writing things down. It can give you a break from your busy college schedule to reflect on your experiences, making you happier and

Tayler Bradford