Five Food Accounts all UGirls Should Follow on Instagram

Eat it for the ’gram.


If you’re trying to find the perfect foodie accounts on Instagram, whether it’s just for fun or it’s to learn about restaurants all across the globe, look no further! Listed listed below are the top five food accounts all UGirls should check out.

1. That Traveling Vegan



If you are a vegan who loves traveling, this is the perfect account for you. This account has everything you need to know about vegan restaurants all around the world. From vegan ice cream to meatless “burgers,” this is an account all UGirls should follow – even if you’re not vegan.

2. NYCFoodComa



This New York-based food account features both the famous restaurants and the hidden gems the Big Apple has to offer. We know that there’s never a bad time for a trip down to the city. When you’re looking at the photos you are going to want to eat every single item you see because everything looks amazing!

3. Food_ilysm



Food ILYSM is based in Philly, but even though it doesn’t feature ’Cuse dishes, you should still give them a follow because everything they post looks incredible! Even if you can’t get down to Philly, it can give you some good recipe ideas to make at home.

4. Healthy Food Recipes



All UGirls should be following at least one healthy food account, and this is one of the best accounts out there! Not only are there a ton of healthy posts that can motivate you to eat well and stay fit, but there are also lots of recipes to make at home. What more can you ask for? This account has it all.

5.  Thrillist



If you want your Instagram feed to be filled with food from the best restaurants around the world, then you should follow Thrillist. Thrillist is a verified media and news company that will give you the tea on food, drinks and travel. This is an account that all UGirls should 100 percent follow to stay updated on what's good!

Alright, ladies, it’s time to grab your phones and start following these five amazing accounts that will leave your mouth watering every time one of their photos graces your feed.

Tayler Bradford