How to rid yourself of the Sunday Scaries

The beginning of the week doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world.

by KENDALL KLOTZ ★ FEB. 11, 2019

As college students, self-care can often be forgotten. Here are six ways to have you feeling confident as you head into Monday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Sunday Scaries 1.png

Number One:

Be realistic. Make a list of tasks that you will actually be able to accomplish. Include simple, but helpful things such as cleaning your room or scheduling out the week ahead in your planner. Getting these simple things accomplished can take a lot off your plate and leave you feeling more in control.

Number Two:

Meditate. I know, I know. It sounds a little weird, but consistent meditation has been proven to increase self-awareness and productivity. A simple five or ten minute meditation daily can transform your mindset. For those who have never practiced meditation, find a calm and semi-quiet space. Sit on a pillow or the ground with your legs loosely crossed and place your hands on top of your thighs. Set a timer for your preferred time and begin taking deep breaths and focus solely on those breaths rather than the millions of thoughts going through your mind.

Number Three:

Hit the gym: Make your way to Ernie, MSM or Flanaghan to get in a good sweat and release some endorphins. The release of these endorphins will cause your body to ride a natural high of positivity and will most likely leave you feeling a lessened sense of anxiety and an increased sense of empowerment.

Sunday Scaries 2.png

Number Four:

Treat yourself: Since you already worked out...treat yourself! Head over to Café Kubal and enjoy one of their many tasty treats. You can’t go wrong with the chocolate chip banana bread, but the peanut butter cup cookie is also an instant mood lifter. If you aren’t close to Marshall street and still feel that craving then People’s Place, located in Hendricks Chapel, has some of the most comforting hot chocolate on all of campus. They’ll even thrown in some marshmallows if you ask nicely.  

Number Five:

Drink water. As busy humans, we often forget about one of the simplest tasks that can have a major impact on our energy level, health and skin: hydration. Make a goal to drink around eight cups of water each day. Especially if your weekend involved raising a glass to your hard-working self, its best to go into the week fully hydrated.  

Sunday Scaries 3.png

Number Six:

Listen to music: Whether you prefer Spotify or are one of the few Apple Music users, type in your mood and choose a playlist that fits your vibe. Everything seems better with a little bit of background music.

Tayler Bradford