Top 10 GrubHub Restaurants Near SU


Don't know what to order? UGirl has got you covered.

by JACKIE LAMANCUSO    ★    APR. 03, 2017

Face it, we’ve all been there: the dining hall food isn’t cutting it and you are tired of making pasta in your apartment. This list will solve all of your meal problems.

10. Bleu Monkey


You can’t go wrong with this Asian fusion restaurant. From bento boxes to a variety of delicious specialty sushi rolls, Bleu Monkey offers something for everyone.  
What to order: Udon Vegetable Noodle Bowl, $9.50

9. Alto Cinco

If you are craving Mexican food at all hours of the day, look to Alto Cinco. This restaurant features eggs served in at least 10 different ways for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can choose between pizzas, quesadillas, tostadas, tacos and burritos.  With such a large menu, you are sure to find something you will enjoy.
What to order: Spinach Enchilada, $12

8. A La Mode

This restaurant features café-style food with tons of salads and sandwiches to choose from. Their hot pressed panini is a huge hit topped with melted cheese that could stretch for miles.  

What to order: Turkey and Artichoke Panini, $8.50

7. Cugini


If you can’t figure out what exactly you are in the mood for, look at Cuigini’s menu. With one of the most extensive menus around campus, Cugini solves all of your food ordering problems.

What to order: Chopped salad with mozzarella and balsamic dressing, $6

6. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que


When a craving for barbecue arises every now and again, satisfy it by ordering from the famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. As a favorite amongst Syracuse students, Dinosaur BBQ recently started delivering to campus. Take advantage of this opportunity and indulge on their incredible ribs, pulled pork and sides. 

What to order: Original Pork BBQ Sandwich, $9.50

5. Peppino’s Neapolitan


If you are in the mood to treat yourself to a carb-filled meal, order from Peppino’s. This restaurant features over 10 specialty pizzas with ingredients ranging from prosciutto to goat cheese to truffle cream. This Italian restaurant also makes a killer cannoli.  

What to order: Hot Date Pie, $9

4. Key Pizza


When you are tired of Dominos and are in the mood for a really good cheese pizza, Key Pizza is the place to go. But if pizza isn’t your thing (why wouldn’t it be?), then you may be interested in their burgers, gyros, sandwiches or wings.  A little bit of something for everyone. 

What to order: Large Cheese Pizza, $13

3. Number 1 Kitchen

Depending on where you order chinese food from, it can either be amazing or super sketchy. Luckily, Number 1 Kitchen falls on the amazing side of that spectrum. Their menu is huge and offers combo platters for lunch and dinner.  

What to order: General Tso’s Chicken, $8.50

2. Sweet Basil


If Thai food is a personal favorite of yours, order from here. The menu is on the smaller side, but the savory food makes up for it. Be sure to check out their Pad Thai and chicken satay. 

What to order: Pho, $12

1. Wings Over Syracuse

Even if it’s not game day, look no further than Wings Over if you are in the mood for wings. With a ton of different sauces and wing sizes to choose from, this restaurant makes it easy to cater to a large group. 

What to order: Hangar 1, $15

Although there are endless options on GrubHub, you certainly cannot go wrong with ordering from any of these restaurants. Bon appetit! 

Tayler Bradford