5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

Because it's his loss, not yours.

by ALEXIS CORBIN    ★    APR. 03, 2017


Breakups are probably one of the worst experiences any girl has to go through in her lifetime. Whether it’s a “let’s stay friends” situation or the aftermath of a huge fight, losing a person you’ve invested countless hours into is beyond heartbreaking. Even though it will probably take everything in you to just get out of bed and brush your teeth, there are so many ways to forget about the stupid boy who broke your heart.

5. Retail therapy

Freshman Arden Geismar

Freshman Arden Geismar


When you go through a breakup, you lose confidence. Not having the person who you loved in your life anymore can make you feel as if you’re not good enough and as if you did something wrong. Don’t let these thoughts get to you because they are most definitely NOT TRUE! It is so normal to feel self-conscious, but there are solutions to this.

Take off those sweatpants, undo that messy bun, and get yourself to the mall! Shopping and getting a bomb new outfit is a major confidence boost, and allows you to show off just how great you are without a man. Rocking a cute outfit is the first step to building up your self-esteem again. So put on your favorite pair of jeans and shop until you drop.

4. Go to the gym


Hit the weights, go for a run, or take that Zumba class you were always too lazy to take. Honestly, do whatever it takes to get those endorphins running through your body. 

When you don’t feel secure about your body, it is too easy to let it affect other areas of your life. Working out clears your mind and makes you feel stronger, confident and independent. Plus, think about how good you’ll look in a few weeks with your new hot bod. #winning.

3. Try out a new hairstyle


While you may consider this to be a major cliché and something that everyone will tell you to do, it’s for a reason! After losing a long-term boyfriend, changing up your look can be extremely therapeutic.

A  new look can be refreshing and gives you something to look forward to when life is not going your way. Chop your hair away just like you should chop your ex away, quick and painless. 

2. Delete him off all social media

This is probably one of the most important steps when getting over your ex. Having to see them pop up on your feed is definitely not a fun experience, but it is something that is so easily avoided. Hit him with that unfollow on Instagram, unfriend him on Facebook, and whatever else you have to do to get your ex out of your phone and out of your mind. 

1. Eat food...Lots of food


This may not be the healthiest way to cope with your heartbreak, but it’s definitely the most helpful. Ice cream, potato chips, cookies galore! Forget about the calories and just go ham. One night. All the food you can eat. Indulge and replace your broken heart with a pizza pie.


Breakups don’t just hurt, but seem nearly impossible to cope with most of the time. The good news is that there are ways to speed up the healing process and mend your broken heart a little faster. Leaning on friends and eating lots of food are the best pieces of advice you’ll ever hear!

Tayler Bradford