The Long-Distance Relationship: It's Worth It


Don’t brush off the idea of entering an LDR. Learn about the benefits first.


by JAYDA BROWN    ★    APR. 03, 2017


If you find yourself potentially entering a long-distance relationship, do not be pessimistic. While you may want to dismiss the LDR right off the bat, here are five reasons why you should give it a shot.


You become an expert at communication


In a LDR, communication is everything. When you argue, you can't just kiss and make up. Instead, you have to resolve the problem through speaking.

Arguments are not about winning or “being right.” Rather, they are about understanding one another and finding a solution that you both agree on. Once you and your partner are reunited, the communication skills you acquired will continue to benefit your relationship.

You don't have to worry that he "isn't that into you"


With parties every weekend and singles ready to mingle, entering college comes with much temptation. Successful LDRs not only require loyalty and trust, but also take effort to maintain.

If your partner is not as committed to the relationship as you, you would know. Taking the time to communicate with one another proves that continuing the relationship is important to the both of you. 

You build a relationship that is not just physical

In a LDR, it is impossible to physically touch. So you have to find other ways to stay close and show affection. Deep conversation and shared interests become much more significant.

If communication is maintained and healthy, your relationship is bound to get stronger. Because talking, texting and Snapchatting is the only way to keep in touch, you can be sure that your partner loves you for more than your body.

You will never wonder "what if?"

Do not break up with your partner solely because of distance. While LDRs might seem intimidating, they are worth the try. Without giving long-distance a shot, you will always wonder what could have been.
UGirls are fearless. So take the chance and see if your LDR can work out.

You get to grow as an individual


In any relationship, you have to be mindful not to lose your individuality. Distance from your partner is good because it gives you time to work on yourself. Focus on your grades. Make new friends. Find your passions. Get involved.


If you find yourself faced with the decision to try out a LDR, do not fret. Although LDRs are hard work, the benefits can easily outweigh the challenges if they are maintained. 

Tayler Bradford