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Going out with a bang.

by TAYLER BRADFORD   ★    JUNE 11, 2018

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw is sitting with Miranda Hobbes on a bench in NYC and unexpectedly sees her crush. “Oh my god, this is not my perfect outfit!” says Carrie as she runs away and hides. Avoid being caught in an outfit you don’t love by checking out these going out looks from Mixology. 

Grabbing brunch


A long night out with your girlfriends calls for an obligatory brunch the following morning. As you fill in the blanks from the night before, you feel comfortable in your lightweight jumpsuit. The best quality about a jumpsuit? Two words: completed outfit. Casual jumpsuits are a lazy girl’s best friend. When you wake up super tired, you don’t have to think about what to wear or how to look cute. 

For a look that will make it seem like you are fun, but also have your sh*t together, wear a red jumpsuit and white Supergas. Not to mention, your Bloody Mary will match it perfectly. Slide it on, drape a white denim jacket over your shoulders, and you’re ready to catch up with the girls. Don’t forget to hide those designer bags under your eyes with a white-rimmed pair of sunnies to match your jacket and kicks.

Vibing at a concert


Your concert outfit is almost as important as the music itself. To start any concert outfit off, grab a denim skirt. If you score tickets to a pop, rock or R&B concert, opt for a black distressed denim skirt instead of a blue one to achieve an edgier vibe. Match it with a wrap crop top to show off your summer bod! Because wrap crop tops tend to be shorter than normal crop tops, they hit you at the skinniest part of your waist. Make sure to tie a bow on the side for a flattering look.

You can’t just choose the first basic wrap crop top you lay your eyes on. A white top is definitely summery, but it’s boring. Search for one with rose gold polka dot accents. Bonus points if you find a skirt with rose gold buttons to match the top! This subtle pink hue is modern, romantic and girly. Although softer than other metallics, rose gold brings just the right amount of shimmer into any look. 

Polka dots made a huge comeback during Fall fashion weeks, proving them to be a spring and summer staple. 

If you are headed to a country concert or music festival, keep the top, but trade in the black skirt for a blue one. To complete the look, double the denim. Pair the set with a cropped, distressed denim jacket to top off this genre-appropriate look.

Protect your freshly painted toes with combat boots for an edgy look or Vans for a comfortable, streetwear-inspired look.

Now all you’re missing is a glass of rosé at the pregame to tie the look together!

Hitting up the bars


Everyone owns high waisted boyfriend jeans and crop tops. But next time you head to the bar, swap your go-to pair of boyfriend jeans for a unique pair with side stripes that elongate your legs. The two-tone denim element introduces contrast and interest to a previously basic look. 

For a casual vibe, stick to light wash denim, whites and browns. Because the pants are intricate, wear a simple, monochromatic top. Even though you are saving your sexy black crop top for the club, you should not be afraid to show off some midriff!

By adding a designer belt to this affordable ensemble, you will seamlessly mix fashion highs with lows.

Dancing at the club


Simply put, what you wear to a club should be an upgraded version of what you wear to a bar. For instance, substitute jeans with a mini skirt. Whether you wear a black bodysuit or crop top, you can never go wrong with a black top. In this case, make sure to wear a light wash denim or camo skirt that will contrast nicely with a dark color. 

Definitely wear black platform sandals or short heels to dress the look up a bit. Just make sure you are able to dance in them!

Slide a black belt through the loops to complete this cohesive ensemble. 

Heading to dinner


White jeans are always the answer. Experiment with flare and ruffles to update this iconic summer look. 

Pair these killer jeans with a hot pink top for a UGirl approved combination. After all, pink is kind of our thing, not just on Wednesdays. But regardless, hot pink is summer’s version of red. It’s bold, girly and fun. 

This scrunchie, vertical striped top gives the illusion of a leaner bodice. If you are interested in a different color, try a solid scrunchie tube top instead. 

Because the weather tends to get chiller in the evening, layer an oversized dark denim jacket on top. Wear a pair of neutral brown sunnies to finish off the look with ease.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City, always look your best no matter the occasion. You wouldn’t want to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and run away from a situation because of a bad outfit.

Models: Brinna Bukowski, Katie Vanderslice, Tayler Bradford

Tayler Bradford