An SU Girl's Guide to Archbold Gym


Stuck on how to work out at Archbold Gym? Here are some tips to maximize your workout.

by DANIELLE BARENHOLTZ    ★    APR. 03, 2017


We are all guilty of trying to forget about that weekly late night Dominos or GrubHub order. But, when the seams of your favorite jeans start to crack as you make the last attempt to squeeze into them before heading to Harry’s, the gym starts to become more of a necessity.

To develop healthy workout habits, follow these exercises and tips for working out at the infamous Archbold Gymnasium.

First things first

Although Archbold has an abundance of machines, weights, classes and courts, the one thing they lack is air conditioning. Before you make the trek to the gym, make sure to bring an ice-cold water bottle.

After swiping in, head over to the front desk and exchange your SUID for a small towel.  With just one use of the mini towel, you will never know how you exercised without it.

By the end of your workout, this towel will have your blood, sweat, makeup residue and tears on it. Now every time the guy from your Biology class says hi, you don’t have to worry about having the classic raccoon eye look.

For the late night snackers


Wandering down Marshall St. without stopping to get that late night greasy Acropolis pizza, Calios calzone, or Insomnia cookie is nearly impossible. If you wake up with the regret of late night snacking, a cardio workout is best for you.

Around 30-40 minutes of cardio at the gym will get the job done and will make you feel a hundred times better. Whether you choose to walk on an incline, run at a constant pace, hop on the elliptical or use the stationary bike, there are various ways to get your heart and lungs going.

Cardio workouts are not defined by how fast you sprint or move your legs. Do not feel pressure to go faster than the girl working out on the machine next to yours. Remember that bodies respond differently to how people go about working out.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up some days. Using different machines and doing different cardio exercises lets some muscles take a break while putting the other ones to use!

For the flat board butts

If you’re looking for a little junk in the trunk, a badonkadonk, or a bigger full moon, then try these four exercises.

1. Lunge your way to that bubble butt.


Everyone knows that walking toward the weight wall can be intimidating. If that is the case, just grab the weights, strut your stuff, and bring them to a matt where you feel more comfortable.

For lunges, use around 10-15 pound weights in each hand. Bring the weights to the strip between the treadmills and ellipticals so you don’t feel like you are in anyone’s way. Do walking lunges down that strip for two sets of 15 on each leg (30 lunges total for each set.)

2. Pop that squat.


Either use that same 10 – 15 pound weight or grab a medicine ball.

Hold the weight out in front of you with your feet planted right below your shoulders. As you hold the weight, start to sit your butt back as if you were sitting down on a chair. Once your hips have become as low as your knees, start to make your way back up. Do around 20-30 squats for two sets.

According to LIVESTRONG, these exercises will target your hamstrings, quadriceps, erector spinae (back), and your gluteus maximus.

3. Machines are friends too.


We are so lucky to have such a variety of machines in our gyms. Compared to newer gyms on campus like Ernie Davis and Marshall Square Mall, Archbold is bigger and has more machines.

Near the curtains that separate the basketball court from the machines, there is a hidden gem that can make your legs more defined than words in the dictionary.

The machine is typically meant for shoulder exercises, but here is the trick. To get started, add your desired weight. Then prop yourself up higher on the machine so it is easy to place one foot on the platform while the other is standing on one of the ledges.

Grab onto the handlebars while the foot on the platform slowly pushes down. Once your leg is fully extended bring it back up slowly.

Do two sets of 15 for each leg. You will feel the burn in your thighs and outer butt. Let it burn.

4. Tone those glutes.


Another machine near the curtains can help tone your gluteus maximus and all of the surrounding muscles.

As shown in the GIF, start by sitting on the machine, and then add your desired weight. Place your feet on the two holders as your thighs rest against the pads. Holding onto the part in front of you, slowly stand up. Once you are fully standing, squat down while pushing your legs out.

Do around two sets of 30 or three sets of 20. In between each set, feel free to adjust the weight. You will feel this exercise in your outer thigh, outer butt, and definitely the next morning.


Soon you will realize that squeezing in an exercise at least three times a week will make a difference. Working out not only helps relieve stress, but also makes your body feel strong and healthy. And remember, sweat is sexy. 

Tayler Bradford