Secrets to Glowing Skin


Clear skin for the win.

by BECKY MAUTHNER    ★    MAY 28, 2018

UGirls all dream of having glowing skin, but the late nights and stress of college may keep you from taking proper care of yourself. Whether you’re going to class, the gym or a party, it can be almost effortless to improve your skincare routine. Here are some beauty tricks and skincare tips that will keep your skin glowing all day and night:

Eat mindfully


Even if you partake in a daily skincare routine, eating junk food and not drinking enough water counteracts the work you may put into keeping your skin healthy. It is crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day and to eat a balanced diet. Drinking more water throughout the day will help your skin look noticeably more supple. Staying healthy may not be easy in college, but if you want to maintain a fresh look, be mindful of what you put into your body.

Keep your coverage to a minimum


Try to save bright colors and heavier foundations for nights out, so your skin can breath. When you wear heavy makeup everyday, your skin gets irritated and your pores get clogged, leading to more acne, whiteheads and blackheads. If you want some lighter coverage, try using a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or CC cream. As an added bonus, BB creams and CC creams have sunscreen so that you can prevent harmful sun damage to your skin. On a day-to-day basis, less is definitely more!

Rock the no-makeup, makeup look


It's no secret that the no-makeup look can be tricky to pull off. You still want to look put together! If done properly, it gives off an effortless and natural glow that will highlight your natural beauty. With the right products and healthy skin, achieving this look is super easy! Go easy on the foundation powder. Put just enough on to set your makeup, but be careful not to over apply it to prevent creasing. You can even replace a setting powder with a setting spray if you don't need heavy coverage. For your eyes, stick to shimmery nudes and soft colors; aim for bronze and peach color palettes to achieve a glowy highlight.

Your routine's not over yet


At the end of the day, following a strict skincare routine can feel like a chore. Getting into the habit of taking your makeup off before bed will prevent dirt and residue from building up on your skin. In addition, after using a makeup wipe or remover, wiping your face with micellar water or rose water can help draw out the remaining dirt and oil from your skin without drying it out. We highly recommend Mario Badescu’s drying lotion. Just dab it onto a blemish before bed, and it should shrink by morning! Mario Badescu also makes great toners, lotions and cleansers, so check them out on your next trip to Sephora or Ulta.

Don't pick at your face

Most importantly, resist the urge to pick or pop every pimple you see in your close-up mirror. It might make it look better temporarily, but popping pimples (and touching your face in general) can lead to more breakouts. It can also lead to discoloration, hyper pigmentation, and worst of all, scarring.  


Skin care is a process, and it won't heal itself overnight. Stay diligent, and be patient- You will see results! You can experiment with different products and find out which products work best for you. In the meantime, remember that nobody’s skin is flawless, so don’t stress too much about that pimple or mark on your cheek.



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