Manage Your Schedule like a Boss

How to get your sh*t together this semester.

by COURTNEY McEVOY ★ NOV. 7, 2018

It’s that point in the semester again where school work is piling up and midterms are ruining your sleep schedule. It's always a struggle to balance school work and social schedules while also getting enough sleep  You may be feeling defeated now, but here are five tips to manage your schedule like a boss this semester!

Use a planner


Writing down all of your deadlines from your syllabi in your planner will help you physically see the layout of your semester and can help you prioritize when to get your work done.  Nothing is worse than finding out you have a test tomorrow when you thought it was next week and you have to pull an all nighter just to pass. If you are one of those people who purchases a planner but never looks at it, a calendar app may be a great substitute for you! With an app, you can receive notifications when you need to get something done, when assignments are due and what events you have coming up. You can also color code different classes or your social and school activities to give yourself a clearer idea of how busy you will be each week!

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Sweat it out


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, physical activity is a great way to relieve that!  Take advantage of free fitness classes held on campus, such as yoga, cycling, or meditation. Also, a healthy diet helps your brain function properly, so don’t be turning to pizza, pasta and breadsticks in the dining hall everyday. Try some fresh salads, fruits and vegetables to help fuel your brain. Overall this will help you be more efficient by giving your body nutrients that will ultimately turn into energy. You will be able to think clearly and get your work done efficiently. If your physical and mental health are thriving, so will you!

Get some extra help


Sometimes when you're struggling in a class, the information just doesn't click. At that point, it's time to surrender and find some help! All across campus, free tutoring services are offered for a variety of subjects. Free tutoring is also a great way to prepare for exams! Tutoring sessions allow you to set aside a whole block of time for one subject, which is super helpful when planning out your study schedule! In the end, you’re helping yourself and you will be on the way to an A!

Work Hard Play Hard


Most of your homework, tests, and events are going to be during the school week. If you can concentrate on getting most of your work done from Monday through Friday, you'll have time to get ahead on other work during the weekend! You can also reward yourself by going out with your friends and getting off campus to do other activities to destress from the school week.  Prioritizing your work during the week will free up your weekend and make a huge difference!

Get More Sleep  


Instead of getting a good night sleep before a big exam, busy students tend to stay up until the crack of dawn cramming as much information into their brains as possible. Ideally, this won’t actually to help you do better on the exam. A few extra hours of sleep could be much more beneficial than reading a few more pages of notes.  Try your best to get your work done in between classes and throughout the day so when it’s time for bed you can take the time to wind down, destress, and get a great night of sleep.

With these tips, you’ll be managing your schedule like a boss in no time!