Beat the Winter Blues

It’s not you, it’s the weather.

by OLIVIA LY ★ NOV. 16, 2018

It’s 5 p.m. and you’ve just come out of your last class. It’s pitch black outside and you check the clock on your phone because it feels like it’s night time. A few weeks go by and you start feeling down. If you can’t figure out why, it's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D.

Periods of darkness and lack of sun exposure can wreak havoc on your body. It can affect your sleep cycles, mood and overall well being. With midterms and finals right around the corner, you don't need any more of a reason to feel sad or stressed. Here are some tips that'll make you feel like your old self again!

Try out a sun lamp

You read that right! Sun lamps are created to mimic the benefits of the sun, which is some Syracuse definitely lacks in the winter. You can either buy a light bulb to put in your favorite lamp, or purchase a specialty lamp. Check out Amazon for plenty of options!

Another alternative is visiting SU Health Services. The health center has a stress room called the “Mind Spa” that has sun lamps. Most students use it when they feel extra stressed due to an assignment or simply need a mood pick me up! It can also be used to treat sleep disorders and jet lag. Simply sign up via the Health Services student portal and get ready to relax!

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D

Unfortunately, no matter how much you bleed orange, your daily cup of orange juice and love for Otto isn't enough to give you your daily Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for keeping your body healthy and strong, especially during those stressful weeks. Opt for over-the-counter Vitamin D supplements for up to 12 weeks such as these, or talk to your doctor.

Sweat it out

Elle Woods said it best when she said, “Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!” When the winter blues get you down, try heading to the gym! You may dread the walk over, but once you start, you’ll feel so much better! There are plenty of on-campus work out classes you can test out to get your body going. Don’t feel like leaving your room? Try a YouTube at-home workout, such as Blogilates, or a yoga class via Amazon Prime.

Change up your diet

Foods that are high in sugar and carbs give you immediate energy, but then make you crash later in the day. To avoid feeling hungry, try eating more nourishing foods for your body. It will instantly boost your mood! Opt for an apple and peanut butter or hummus and carrots instead of chips to give your body the energy it needs!

Partake in seasonal activities

Not everyone is a fan of the chilly weather, but try to make the most of it! Grab some friends and go apple picking or pumpkin picking at places like Beak and Skiff and the Pumpkin Hollow. Looking for a fun night in instead? Order some food, pick out a seasonal movie and have a fun night with your friends. Be sure to also check out the Orange After Dark schedule for some fun activities around Syracuse!

Don't fret over the weather changes, embrace it! Just remember basketball tailgates are right around the corner, because the only thing that should be blue is your adorable outfit for the tailgate!

Tayler Bradford