Five Reasons Why Running is Healthy for Your Mind and Body

Who knew working out could make you feel better!


Photo: Lauren McGuire

Photo: Lauren McGuire


The semester has officially kicked in and so has the stress of balancing exams, homework, a social life and staying fit. The perfect solution to all of your problems is running. Yes, you read it right, running.

Although the thought of going for a run doesn’t excite many, running offers several health benefits that will help your mind and body relax, which is essential for busy UGirls. Although the reasons why running is beneficial are endless, here are the top five.

1. Burn calories


Let's start with the obvious. Running will help you burn calories and stay fit during the semester.  If the gym doesn’t do it for you, go for a run through campus and enjoy the scenic views. There’s no need to run at a fast pace; you will still be burning those extra fries you ate the other night!

2. Boost your energy


Are you wondering where to get that energy to go to class and then pull an all-nighter to study for that big exam? Going for a run will give anyone the necessary energy they need to keep going.  Begin your day with a jog to give yourself a fresh start and keep you relaxed with the required amount of energy that your body needs to survive and thrive!

3. Release Stress


Feeling stressed and anxious? Running is the best way to release all those negative thoughts and concentrate on yourself. Going for a run will help you feel relaxed, clear your head and help you regroup for the rest of the day!  Find a quiet place and run without headphones for a couple of minutes to give yourself some time to think. If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of playlists that will put you in a feel good mood while you run!

4. Improve your mood

Some days you don't want to talk to anyone or do anything; it happens to all of us!  Running releases endorphins and will make you feel happy! When you are done, take a nice shower, play some relaxing music and you will notice some positive changes in your mood!

5. Feel Accomplished


There’s no better feeling than finally accomplishing something. Once you start getting used to running, set a new goal for yourself for each time and try to achieve it. The goal can be anything from running for a longer time, increasing the number of miles, or picking up your pace!

When you get into the habit of going out for a run, you are going to notice how peaceful and rewarding it really is. Your mindset and body will start to change, and you will begin to feel better every day!