Vintage Trends Made Modern


Grandma didn't wear it like this.

by ABIGAIL STERLING    ★    NOV. 24, 2017

We’ve all seen those throwback photos of our moms and grandmas, and we think to ourselves, ‘I would wear that outfit to class.' With these UGirl tips, you can use clothing pieces you might already own to wear past trends like a pro.

The thrifty 30's

Borrow from the boys with this menswear inspired look. Long before Hillary Clinton, women in the 1930’s were known for their ability to pull off a power suit. Update the suited look by pairing a crisp, white button down with a pair of distressed jeans. Add some more 1930’s influence by topping off the look with a pair of pointy-toed flats.


The fabulous 40's

In the 1940’s, you couldn’t walk through a college campus without seeing at least 30 women wearing a turtleneck and plaid skirt. Modernize this look by wearing a plaid mini skirt with punk details like leather trim. Pair it with an oversized turtleneck. This is a perfect fall look to wear to class when all you want to do is stay home and watch Hocus Pocus or Home Alone.


The flirty 50's

Today, lots of people object to fur on a humanitarian basis, but your grandmother sure didn’t in the 50’s. Channel your inner diva by donning a big, faux fur jacket, your favorite pair of sneakers and some distressed jeans. You’ll be ready for school in 15 minutes, but you'll look like you spent hours getting glammed up. 


The swinging 60's

Nothing says '1960’s' more than an A-Line dress. And what says fall more than corduroys? Combine these two with an a-line corduroy jumper. It’s easy to throw on over a plain cropped tee or long sleeve shirt. Toss on a cardigan when it starts to get a bit colder outside.


The sizzling 70's

The 1970’s brings two things to mind - flared jeans and ringer tees. Bring that aesthetic to the 21st century by pairing a quirky ringer tee with a pair of your favorite high-waisted jeans. Since it's a versatile look, you can dress it up with platform shoes or dress it down with a pair of comfy sneakers. Polish off your outfit with some bright, rounded sunglass to bring in a little more vintage flair.


The crazy 80's

Shoulder pads and perms were huge in the 80's, but not all trends should make a comeback. Regardless, you can still rock a look your mom wore back in high school. A sherpa-lined denim jacket will keep you warm (and looking like you just rolled off the set of Stranger Things), while contrasting distressed denim keeps it clean and modern. Finish off the outfit with a pair of high top converse, and you’re ready to rage at a concert or head to your 11:30 class.


The best thing about these comeback trends is that they are beyond affordable. You can use clothes you already own to create vintage inspired outfits. Get ready for class in no time, and take some trendy pics along the way. You know what they say: Moms know best.

Model: Emily Gunn

Photographer: Sam Lane

Tayler Bradford