#OOTW: Riverdale Edition

Looking cute while solving murders is exhausting.

by ALAINA CARUSO    ★    JULY 10, 2018

The only aspect of Riverdale more iconic than teenagers solving a murder, or finding a serial killer, is Veronica Lodge’s endless collection of stilettos. Each character has a distinct style perfectly tailored to his or her personality. Mimicking Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, Toni Topaz and Jughead Jones’ outfits is not difficult; however, living a single day in their shoes is pretty much impractical.  

Not sure what to wear this week? Get inspired by your favorite Riverdale characters!

Monday: Veronica Lodge

As your alarm rings for the hundredth time on this lazy morning, you reluctantly slip out of bed wearing a silk pajama set and head straight to the bathroom to get ready, Veronica Lodge style. Dedicate your morning to pampering, and make sure to take a little extra time to perfectly contour your nose.

Veronica is the queen of luxury; her style reflects that, straight down to her PJs and slippers. Always wearing a skirt or dress, Veronica completes her outfits with a pair of stilettos more often than not. Her outfit above captures just that: a patterned mini skirt, thigh high boots and, of course, her pearls. To make the look wearable for summer, swap out her shoes for a pair of mules. If you don’t own a pearl necklace, a gold chain is a perfect alternative.

Spend your afternoon eating lunch at a cafe with your mom. On the ride over, recline in the backseat, pretending to be a Lodge who is chauffeured everywhere. “Andre, take me to get some tea,” you call out to your mother. Although she probably won’t find that very amusing, it is a necessary step to get into character.

Overall, this outfit is perfect for an afternoon lunch, or may even be appropriate for an internship. When you are living like Veronica Lodge, you will always be overdressed, even to a local diner.  

Tuesday: Betty Cooper


etty Cooper is the definition of the  girl next door, quite literally to Archie Andrews. Infiltrated with preppy sweaters and corduroy skirts, Betty’s style is simple and girly. Although her tops are always plain, they come in pastel colors and feature fun collars. Above, Betty is seen rocking a clean cut button down and dark denim jeans.

Because Betty’s outfit is simple and stylish, recreating her look required minimal effort. Of course UGirls know a cotton tee matches with just about any pair of jeans. But if you want to look like you have your sh*t together, opt for a crisp button down instead. To make Betty’s look summer appropriate, ditch the long jeans for a denim skirt. Embroidered flowers spice up this outfit even more and add a pop of bright color.

To master this look, skip the jewelry box, and apply very little makeup. Don’t have any stories to investigate for your local newspaper? Try channeling your inner Betty by grabbing a quick bite to eat at a local diner with your besties.

Wednesday: Cheryl Blossom


Cheryl Blossom undoubtedly knows which color looks best on her: red. Rocking a red lip, even to gym class, Cheryl looks polished every. single. day. Not only are her outfits trendy, but they are also unique. Not to mention, she can rock a broach without looking like an old woman on her way to bingo.

Incorporating her style staples into one look, Cheryl is seen wearing her signature choker, a pair of red high waisted shorts and a detailed sheer long sleeve. The contrasting colors with the addition of the choker make this outfit super edgy. Although Cheryl is rather strong-headed and fussy, she would definitely approve a day spent with your girlfriends, taking way too many Snaps featuring your bold red lip.

Thursday: Toni Topaz


In season two, Jughead Jones introduces us to Toni Topaz, a badass from the South Side. Not only does Toni act like a tough serpent gang member, but she dresses like one too. Her stylish edge, vibrant hair and dazzling chains make her look unique and rebellious.

Yes, rocking a mesh paneled top, red skirt and fishnets may be a bit intimidating, but adopting Toni’s personality for a day is even more so. If you really want to get into character, head to the hair salon and dye your hair! As a more practical alternative, wear bright tassel earrings to achieve a similar, bold look.

Friday: Jughead Jones


Riverdale’s incredible style is not limited to the ladies, especially considering Jughead Jones’ unique look. As if a tangible part of his identity, Jughead’s beanie is practically glued to his head. Besides his hat, Jughead’s skater South Side wardrobe also include leather jackets, denim jackets and flannels. To recreate Jughead’s look, all you need to do is simply pick out some staples from your closet.

Grab a graphic tee, flannel and denim jacket to start off. Opt for denim cutoffs and an oversized jacket to keep this look breezy for the summer heat. With minimal makeup and your hair tied into a messy bun, you will look effortlessly stylish. Or swap Jughead’s beanie for a solid baseball cap if you want to wear your hair down. Before you head to the your favorite cafe to get some writing done, throw on a pair of Converse to complete the look!


We know UGirls love to keep up with the latest trends, but styling outfits for the week can be a hassle when you lack inspiration. Channel your inner Riverdale character, whomever it may be, and use his or her style as a guide to spice up your outfit choices.

Tayler Bradford