How to Dress for a Tailgate When it’s -5 Degrees Out

Your go-to game day outfit guide - winter edition.

by LILY TUBMAN ★ FEB. 24, 2019

Planning your outfit for a tailgate is half the fun. The cold weather and snow on the ground shouldn't keep you from trying out new trends and cool styles for the next big game. Who says you can't stay warm and look good?

Orange Pride

Tailgate 2.JPG
Tailgate 1.JPG

Swap out your trusty game day skirt and tube top for fun printed pants and a cropped sweatshirt. These navy plaid pants, paired with a cropped Syracuse quarter zip are the perfect solution to showing off your school spirit and looking trendy, all while staying warm.

Sporty Chic

tailgate 4.JPG
tailgate 5.JPG

There’s nothing worse than tailgating while you’re cold and uncomfortable. Don’t compromise either with this on-trend athleisure look of vintage-inspired Nike windbreaker sweats and a classic crew neck. Add a patterned turtleneck underneath for a fun and unexpected twist.

Pop of Color

Tailgate 7.JPG
Tailgate 6.JPG

No matter how much you love Syracuse, orange may just not be your thing. All black is an easy way to stay warm and look cool, but add a pop of color (or multiple) to stand out. Pro-tip: look through the children's section of Syracuse gear to find more colorful choices of shirts that fit like crop tops without having to DIY!

Whether you’re tailgating in the snow or just want to take game day pictures outside the Dome with your girls, throw a parka over any of these outfits and you’ll be sure to stay warm and dress to impress.

Tayler Bradford