Working Out On The Go


When the gym is a hard no.

by ABBY WHITE    ★    OCT. 12, 2017

Some days, there is barely enough time to breathe, let alone hit the gym. For those days, UGirl's got you covered. Explore these tried-and-true alternative options to keep you active and help you stay fit while juggling the stressful life of an ambitious university girl!

Take the stairs

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We know, we know. Taking the stairs sounds awful. You could easily hop in the elevator instead and be steps away from your room at the press of a button.

Trust us: taking the stairs is not as bad as it sounds. It will only cost you an extra minute or two, and it’ll leave you feeling awake and energized. So, next time you need to get from the first floor to the eighth floor, try taking the stairs.

Plus, your next fire drill won’t feel nearly as painful.

Go the extra mile


If you’re looking to amp up your activity on days when you’re drowning in work, try taking the long way to class! We all have those awkward class breaks that are 20 or 30 minutes apart, leaving a gap that seems good for nothing.

When you don’t have time to go home or get work done, but it is too early to head to your next class, go for a quick walk. Take a few laps around the quad, or walk up the crouse steps a few times. Staying active during this time will leave you stress-free on days when you finish your homework after Archbold and Ernie close.

Go play outside

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Like most college students, you save some of your time for hanging out with friends, but who said that time had to be spent sitting? Fall is beautiful in Syracuse, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Grab your friends and a ball, and head outside. Even if it is just an easygoing game of soccer or flag football, getting outside and being active are always better than staying in. If you are feeling especially ambitious, get a group together and get competitive. Sunny days in ‘Cuse are meant for engaging in outdoor activities!

De-stress with some yoga

In need of a relaxing, de-stressing exercise? Keep a yoga routine saved on your laptop for when you walk into your room after class, extracurriculars, or whatever it may be. Go ahead, get mindful and get a little sweaty. This is an easy way to strengthen your mind and body without setting aside time for a long workout. Ten minutes of yoga once a day can make a difference, and it feels relatively effortless.

Dance it out


After a long day of classes and all your other responsibilities, you are probably feeling dead. Relieve all that stress! Grab your roomie or anyone who’d be down, turn up your speakers and have a dance party. Even just five to ten minutes of crazy dancing is a great way to burn a few calories without feeling the burn at the gym. Shake it out!


Next time you’re feeling the weight of your obligations and need a new way to break a sweat, text the group chat and get a game going or take an extra lap around the quad before class. UGirls are way too busy being boss babes to have to worry about what their next workout will be.

Tayler Bradford