Top Ten Things to Know Before Dying Your Hair

The dos and don’ts before the dye.

by BELLA PODGORSKI ★ NOV. 30, 2018

Imagine going into the salon with high hopes for your new hair and leaving with the complete opposite. To avoid a hot mess, know these simple tips and tricks you can count on before the color.


1.  Say what you want.

It’s always important to do some research on the exact color you want to dye your hair. Pinterest can be your new best friend to help you find your ideal hairstyle. Make sure to go to the salon with a few pictures of the “look” you are going for and be able to explain what you want the end product to be.

2. Stock up on color safe products.

Salons can offer you a variety of good quality shampoos and conditioners that can help keep your new color looking healthy. Even though these products may be pricey, your hair will stay looking glossy and vibrant. If you’re on a budget, drugstores  tend to sell color safe products at a cheaper price!


3. Be aware of your skin tone.

Depending on whether you have a lighter or deeper complexion, it’s important to consider a color that will pair well with your skin tone, so that it doesn’t create a drastic contrast. Keep in mind the new shade shouldn’t blend in with your skin. Try and go for something that gives your hair a little dimension!

4. Sometimes, achieving a certain look takes time.

Be patient, not all of our hair goals are achieved overnight. If you want to reach platinum blonde, you won’t be able to in a single appointment. Getting to the perfect shade sometimes takes time!

5. Asking the colorist prior if they are using bleach or color when they are lightening your hair.

Be aware of the chemicals they are putting in your hair.  You want to have an idea of how your hair is being dyed and the effect it will have on its health.

6. Ask for the price of the service you are considering before you go through with it.

Communicate with your colorist, so you know their price range and how much they will be charging you. You can also anticipate what you should be tipping them for the full service!

7. Understand you have to be sensitive with the amount of heat products you use on your hair after coloring it.

Take it easy on the heat after coloring. Straightening your hair before you go out is fine, but try not to use heat products every day! The constant heat can dry out your hair, which has already been super processed by the color itself.

8. Know that you may have to visit your salon frequently if you want to maintain the color.

The upkeep of coloring your hair can be alot. In college, it may be tough to get your roots done as often as you would at home, but don’t freak out! Book an appointment with your stylist when you are home for Thanksgiving and plan ahead!

9. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Your hair has just undergone a lot by being colored. Be sure to nourish it and let the conditioner sit at least once a week to keep it looking healthy.

10. Change is good! Why not play around with hair color and the variety of shades salons have to offer?

If you are debating coloring your hair, go for it! Salons continue to stay up to date with trendy colors and can help you find the right match if you are looking for a change.


It’s important to be mindful of the health of your hair and your personal color preference. After taking these tips into consideration, go book that appointment!

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