Slay Your Summer Skincare Game

Every skincare hack you need to achieve that perfect summer glow.

by MADISON PADDOCK    ★    JUNE 26, 2018

It’s that time of the year again: time for taking beach trips, lazy lounging by the pool and soaking up that hot summer sun. But, while summer may be relaxing and fun for us, our skin does not always agree. From oily foreheads to stubborn pimples to red-hot sunburns, summer seems to bring out the worst in our skin.

Luckily, the beauty world has come to the rescue with a plethora of products to help you beat the heat, and make flawless summer skin attainable. Here’s the holy grail of summer skincare!

Shield those rays


First things first, absolutely NO skincare routine is complete without sun protection, especially in the summer. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays and even prevents early signs of aging. With these benefits, it’s definitely a no brainer to add it to your skincare routine. The problem with most facial sunscreens, though, is that they tend to leave your skin oily and end up causing breakouts.

Opt for a lightweight solution like Glossier’s Invisible Shield daily sunscreen. Because this watergel formula SPF 35 sunscreen is so thin and lightweight, it’s like it is not even there. If you do not want to add another step to your already lengthy skincare routine, check out Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisturizer with your choice of SPF 15 or SPF 35 built right in.

And don’t forget about your lips! Top off the sun safety with an SPF formula lip balm, like Sun Bum’s Scented Lip Balm. This to-die-for coconut flavored lip balm contains an SPF 30 formula.

Say goodbye to dead skin


Summer seems like a constant battle between sweaty, oily pores and dry, peeling post-sun skin. Eliminate dead skin in the simplest of ways with Glossier’s Solution. After one simple swipe of a cotton pad, this chemical exfoliation solution will leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh and clear. Not to mention, the solution is super gentle, so even those with sensitive skin can reap the benefits.

Eliminate stubborn pimples

tenor (2).gif

Inevitable, painful and frustrating: heat induced under-the-skin pimples. Impossible to pop, yet even more impossible to ignore. Luckily, Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion is every pimple-prone gal’s new best friend. Not only does this lotion dry invisibly and clear up under-the-skin breakouts overnight, but it also reduces redness and oil buildup. Summer humidity has nothing on Mario Badescu!

Refresh with a mask

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Because the summer heat is pretty damaging to your skin, it is no surprise that your skin needs just as much TLC as you do. At the end of a long summer day, treat yourself to a glass of rose accompanied by a face mask to soothe, detox and purify your skin and soul.

UGirls need to try the REN Skincare Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, which is basically a hydrating, soothing blanket for irritated summer skin. During your next trip to Sephora, pick up the Sephora Collection After Sun Sheet Mask, a perfect post-sun solution for damaged skin. Both masks will leave you and your skin feeling relaxed, pampered and clean after a day at the office or the beach.


With these simple skincare hacks, your skin will be slaying the game all summer long. Instead of worrying about how your pores look, you will finally be able to focus on achieving the perfect summer tan or making a great impression at your internship.

Tayler Bradford