How to Bounce Back after a Thursday Night Out

Skipping class will no longer be an option.

by AMANDA BYRNE ★ FEB. 24, 2019

Here are some quick tips to help you be awake and alert for your Friday 8 a.m. after going a little too hard on Thursday night.

1. Eat well beforehand

Fiction- carbs DO NOT soak up alcohol, but protein does. It is never good to go out on an empty stomach. Eating protein before going out will soften the blow of a potential hangover the next morning. Protein is good because it soaks up the alcohol in your stomach. Stop at Ernie or Kimmel to have a few chicken tenders before getting ready and you’ll be set.

2. Prepare yourself

Nothing is worse than waking up and rushing to get to class barely having time to pick out an outfit. Before you get ready to go out, you should be totally prepared for the morning. Have your bag packed, set aside Gatorade and Advil for the morning and have your outfit picked out before leaving for the night to ensure a smooth morning.

3. Set your alarm!

Make sure you set an alarm BEFORE you leave! One of the worst feelings is coming home after a night out and setting your alarm for 6:30 p.m. instead of 6:30 a.m. and sleeping through your class. Set an alarm 15 minutes before you would normally wake up to allow yourself one snooze before getting up and getting ready.

4. Wash it all off  

Take a nice shower in the morning to wake yourself up. Wash off all of the sweat and dirt from the night before to completely rejuvenate yourself and be mentally ready for the day.

5. Eat and caffeinate

In order to have the energy for class and not feel completely terrible, you need to eat. Potassium helps with headaches and stomach aches so, stop at the dining hall and grab a quick banana. To help wake yourself up a little more, caffeinate! Stop at Dunkin’ in Schine and grab a quick coffee before sitting through recitation.

Although going out on Thursday nights might be fun, class should always be your main priority. We have all experienced sitting through class with a pounding headache from the night before. However, by following these tips, getting through the day will be a little bit easier.

Tayler Bradford