Eight Ways to Make Your Spring Break Staycation One for the Books.

No plans? No problem!


It’s spring break, and you’re scrolling through Instagram looking at pictures of all your friends on a beach in Cabo. Meanwhile, you’re at home on the couch, trying to brainstorm fun things to occupy yourself with. Well, look no further! This guide will help make your spring break just as satisfying as theirs. Here are eight ideas that will give you that dream spring break staycation you deserve.

1. Have yourself a spa day


Everyone loves that clean, refreshing feeling you get after a nice, peaceful spa day. Start with a warm bath, throw your hair up in a bun and get the bubbles going! Bath bombs are a must—they smell amazing, cleanse your skin and are filled with salts and essential oils that’ll help you loosen up and relax. Next, do a face mask! Whether it be a clay, sheet, rubber, exfoliating or hydrating mask, it’ll get the job done. Lastly, be sure to moisturize your skin with a gentle and soothing lotion.

2. Yoga retreat in your living room

staycation 1.gif

Yoga is a great way to release tension, up your heart rate and clear your mind. To prepare, throw on your favorite leggings and sports bra, fill up a bottle of water and roll out a yoga mat! Top it off with some aromatherapy by lighting your favorite scented candle or diffuser. Once you’re ready to begin, head to YouTube and find any yoga video that appeals to you—then simply follow the instructor!

3. Visit a local touristy spot

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Do you live in a highly populated, touristy area? For those that answered yes, grab a few friends and make a little road trip! Pretend to be a tourist for the day, take some cute pictures and explore. For those of you who don’t live in a touristy area, you can always take a trip to your local park or hiking trail; pack some food, take a walk and end your day with a picnic and a pretty view.

4. Treat yourself to some tasty food

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Sick of the dining hall? You’re home, so it’s time to go and eat some quality food! Grab some friends or family, and head down to your favorite restaurant. Don’t feel like getting dressed up? Put on your most comfortable pair of sweatpants, order some food, turn on your go-to Netflix show and feast. Feeling spontaneous? You can always break out one of mom’s old cookbooks, pick a yummy recipe and cook your own dinner.

5. Have a movie marathon day

staycation 4.gif

Everyone needs a day to veg out and do absolutely nothing. If you can relate, microwave some popcorn, get comfy and binge watch a series on Netflix. Tired of Netflix? This is a perfect opportunity to watch that new-release you’ve been dying to see On Demand.

6. Redecorate/rearrange your room

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Being at home and sleeping in your own bed is one of the best feelings ever. But maybe you’re tired of looking at the same bedroom layout you’ve had since middle school. It’s time to spice things up! If you can’t convince your parents to let you repaint your bedroom walls, rearrange some of your furniture. Whatever you decide to do, be creative!

7. Get some fresh air

Live by a beach or a mountain range? Take a peaceful stroll on the beach or a hike up the mountains. If that’s not the case, set up some lounge chairs, throw on your most obnoxious pair of sunglasses and make your own beach in your backyard.

8. Make a new playlist

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Go on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music or Pandora, and listen to some newly-released songs or albums. Explore songs that are trending now or jam out to some old classics. Then, create a playlist with your all-time favorites! You can even make several different playlists to listen to based on the time of the day or the mood you’re in.

You don’t need to be sitting on a beach in Cabo to have a perfect spring break. All you need is these eight different fun and creative ideas, and you’ll have yourself the spring break staycation of a lifetime.

Tayler Bradford