In Loving Memory of Bri <3

Celebrating the life of Brianna Herrera, a Syracuse University senior.

by TAYLER BRADFORD   ★    JAN. 26, 2019

Syracuse University student Brianna Herrera passed away on Jan. 24 in a tragic car accident while traveling home to visit her family in Ozone Park, New York. As a second semester senior, Bri was a management and technology major in the iSchool and a public communications minor in Newhouse.


The 21-year-old loved spending time with her family, friends and loving boyfriend. No one called her Brianna; everyone knew her as Bri. 

Bri’s thoughtfulness and independence will never be forgotten and her funny, genuine personality will be greatly missed. “She was the life of the party, a ray of sunshine on anyone’s rainy day and a true pleasure to have as a friend. She was full of love and life. There was never a dull moment. She just wanted to have FUN,” says Paulina Colon, an SU alum who roomed with Bri when she was a senior.

Whether she was in her apartment or on Lucy’s elevated surface, Bri danced everywhere. Her love for dancing stemmed from her obsession with all kinds of music - except country. If you wanted to keep up with the latest music, you hit up Bri for fire recommendations. 


SU junior Sarah Castillo, one of Bri’s best friends, says “Bri was always the coolest girl in the room” most likely rocking hoop earrings, an Urban Outfitters crop top and perfectly painted nails. “She was independent, beautiful, funny, intelligent and didn’t care what other people thought,” Sarah says.

In addition to achieving Dean’s List semester after semester, Bri was a passionate women’s rights activist and was not afraid to talk about topics that made others feel uncomfortable. Just like her icon Rihanna, Bri believed women should not conform to beauty stereotypes. Specifically, she was a supporter of the no bra movement.

Not to mention, Bri was also a huge supporter of her friends. “She made you feel important when you felt like no one knew you. She was there with open ears and the best advice no matter what was going on,” Sarah says.

“She came into all of our lives and changed all of us for the better,” Paulina says.

SU senior Tiana Gong, one of Bri’s best friends, says, “We aggressively believed in each other, defended each other and thought the other deserved the world. Thank you for letting me lie in bed with you and talk your ear off about anything and everything.”


Obsessed with drinking apple cider vinegar, Bri was always up-to-date on new health trends. SU senior Madison Albert, one of Bri’s best friends, recalls eating delicious homemade pickles with Bri. “Bri and I wanted to make our own and were convinced ours would taste even better,” says Madison. “We didn’t have regular vinegar, so we thought it’d be a good idea to make them with apple cider vinegar. We seasoned them and put them in the fridge for like 10 days. When it came time to try them, let me tell you these were the worst pickles I’ve ever tasted. I hate that we can’t make anymore memories like that.”

And Bri loved spicy food so much, she put adobo on everything. When she wasn’t looking up new vegan recipies, Bri was playing with her best friend’s dog Milly or her new kitten Kala.

Bri was confident, fearless, career-oriented and trendsetting. She embodied what it means to be a UGirl. Rest in peace, Bri. You will be missed greatly.

Tayler Bradford