How to Flex on Your Ex: College Edition

It’s healthier this way anyway.

by SHARON O’DONNELL ★ NOV. 5, 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year again filled with late night Acropolis runs, DJ’s pitchers and oh, a fresh break up to start the school year off right. Whether distance got in the way, summer flings ended, or things just didn’t work out- single ladies season is upon us. And to clarify: this is not an instructional on how to win a break up. We compiled this short list to develop the healthy mindset necessary in thriving not just this semester, but all the time.

Where all my girls at?


If you learn anything in these next four years, it’s going to be that the girls you call your best friends are the best support system you could ever ask for. Don’t take these girls for granted; they’ll hype you up when you’re down and call you on your BS when you’re being too petty. In the nitty gritty 2 a.m. heart-to-hearts, a good girl gang will always bring you back to sanity.

Trash the ticket stubs, delete the conversation, delete the photos.


The last thing you need right now is a constant reminder of the cute Snapchats and VSCO worthy texts. Trust me, deleting the conversation and taking down pictures off of Instagram is a heartbreak in itself, but it’s also a necessity. Don’t just archive the picture either, delete it! By doing so you cleanse yourself of the negative energy that the memory of this person brings into your life. Remember: the relationship ended for a reason. Closing this door from the past will open up many doors to new opportunities and new relationships.

Healthy habit, who? It’s time to find one!


We all have that healthy habit we’ve been wanting to jump into since we saw it on Pinterest and saved it for later. Now is the perfect time to start! You no longer have anniversaries to worry about, dates to plan, cute holiday gifts to give, so with all this free time pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read or start following that workout plan you screenshotted off of Instagram. It’s important that you don’t let your mind wallow in heartbreak and focus your energy in activities that will reap positive benefits.

A me-day is calling your name.


Alone time is a must, so it’s time to take a me-day. Go to CVS and buy some face masks, put your feel good Spotify playlist on, and make yourself a smoothie. Relaxation is so important in your healing process, especially with how stressful college can get.

The clock isn’t ticking on this one, take all the necessary time to heal your mind, body and soul.


It sounds like a cliché, but this cannot be enforced enough. Your mental stability is key in thriving on campus. Homework and studying and club meetings consume so much of your time that burdening your mind with a heartbreak will send it into overdrive. Focus on bettering yourself instead of immediately jumping into an empty rebound or even hitting up the ex you may still be caught up on. Trust me on this one, it’s okay to be selfish right now and take all the time in the world to heal yourself.

Don’t get me wrong ladies, healing a broken heart may be one of the hardest things to do, but with time it gets better. In this newfound single life it’s important that we take the time to live healthy, self-empowering lives.