College Survival Guide to Fire Alarms


Six easy prep tips to survive the rudest of awakenings.

by CHELSEA BETH    ★    JAN. 21, 2018

Waking up to the blaring sound of fire drill is the worst. Although we’re given plenty of advice before leaving for college, no one ever mentions how to prepare for the dreaded 3 a.m. fire drill. If you’ve ever ended up standing out in the cold in your towel turban or being locked out of your room, you know what it's like to be frazzled AF. Before the next time you have to evacuate, check out UGirl's fire alarm prep tips:

1.   Charge your cell phone, and don’t forget it either.

You’ll want your phone for two reasons. First, just in case it’s a real emergency. Second, if you don't Snapchat it, did it even happen? You’ll want to document this irritating event so your friends can commiserate with you while you’re waiting out in the cold. Make sure to write,  “UGH I HAVE AN 8 A.M. TOMORROW” as the caption, so everyone can feel your pain. 


2. Leave your room key by your phone.

Don't be that person who walks all the way back up the stairs only to realize they're locked out. To avoid this, keep your room key by your phone or by the door, so you remember to take it with you. Otherwise, you could end up waiting a gazillion years for the RA on-call to show up or having to find somewhere else to sleep.


3. Wear somewhat cute pajamas.

You don’t want to be caught dead in your brother’s stained t-shirt when walking in front of that hottie from the fourth floor! Try and strike a balance between cozy and cute, and keep the weather in mind when picking out your pajamas. Trust us, a fuzzy robe can be an essential addition to your closet. You never know who you’ll end up running into or how long it will be before you can re-enter the building.


4. Have a warm coat handy to grab ‘n GTFO.

When the alarm starts blaring mid-shower, you don't want to be caught outside in the 'Cuse cold in just a flimsy robe. On those below zero nights in the winter, make sure to leave the puffiest coat you own right by the door, so you can grab it and go!


5. Keep shoes by your bed.

Slipping shoes on is not always at the top of your mind at 3 a.m. Believe it or not, it can be common to forget to cover your feet before you rush down the stairs. You don’t want people to see and SnapChat your naked feet frozen to the icy pavement. Make your getaway easy by putting slip-on shoes by your bed at all times.


6. Have makeup wipes handy.

If you moisturize and spot-treat your pimples at night, remember to wipe off the residue of the white acne treatment spots before dashing out of the room. Speaking from experience, it’s easy to forget. Looking like you have white chicken-pox on your face while waiting amongst your whole dorm is not fun, especially if you run into someone you know. Avoid this by keeping facial wipes by your night-table that are ready to use on-the-go!  


Take our fire-drill wisdom to heart and hope for a living space on a lower level floor next year. Keep in mind that although they can be annoying, fire alarms keep us safe and are meant to alert the whole building of an emergency. Stay safe and stay prepared, so fire drills will never phase you again!

Tayler Bradford