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Your favorite coffee place says a 'latte' about you.

by TARA EATON    ★    OCT. 12, 2017

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Don't know where to grab your daily dose of caffeine? Whether you prefer teas, frappuccinos, espresso drinks or just a good ol' cup of joe, the coffee scene in Syracuse will have you covered!

Are you a regular at Starbucks, People's Place, Cafe Kubal or Recess Coffee? Because each coffee shop on campus has a unique aesthetic, your favorite one says a 'latte' about you.

Starbucks - 177 Marshall St, Syracuse, NY

Starbucks is the classic college staple. Located on the corner of Marshall Street, it boasts massive crowds, seasonal favorites and a convenient online-ordering system.

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Starbucks girls- you know who you are. You love the consistency of the menu, the quality beverages, and the social experiment of probably seeing at least one past hookup while waiting for your drink. You are incredibly reliable, and your friends can always count on you for amazing weekend plans! As a Starbucks gal, you know exactly what you want in life and exactly how to get it- with an extra shot of espresso.

This season, ditch your hot pumpkin spice latte and grab an iced one instead! It's a great way to be in the fall spirit while also keeping cool these last few weeks before the blizzards start rolling in.

People's Place - Basement of Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University

When you have cash to spend (no credit cards accepted here), People’s Place delivers quality beverages at low prices. Did we mention it is right on the quad? The quirky establishment is student-run and not-for-profit. It offers simple drinks and snacks

When you realize the reason that you have no cash to pay the cover charge at DJ’s is because you spent it all at People’s Place during the week, you’ll know this is your spot. You appreciate the friendly service and simplicity of the menu, and you know you’ll never be late to class after waiting in their non-existent line. You are low-maintenance, but you also love having fun- as long as your work is finished! People’s Place girls are down-to-earth, killer conversationalists who bring their A-game to the classroom and out on the town. You like simplicity in life, as long as you have some coffee to give you a little buzz.

Give the hazelnut coffee a try, or grab a snack. Their muffins can spice up even your most boring class. Nothing keeps you focused quite like caffeine and sugar!

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Cafe Kubal - 720 University Ave, Syracuse, NY

If you like great coffee, chill vibes and aren't afraid of a dirty chai, Café Kubal is the spot for you. Kubal is the kind of place where you sit down and stay awhile; the eclectic seating is both comfortable and welcoming even when you have a paper due in a few hours. The shop exudes a spirit of positivity and community.

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As a Kuballer, you appreciate the little things in life: chill music, good food, and amazing company. If you love the excitement of meeting new people, the customers at Kubal always have a story to tell. And so do you- you are just writing it one sip at a time.

You might get bored of your iced chai latte with almond milk, so go for a dirty chai! Don’t know what it is? It’s a shot of espresso with chai tea and your choice of milk. It is a great way to get your chai fix with an extra boost of caffeine, and it’s a sure-fire way to make it through the afternoon with enough energy to last you until dinnertime.

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Recess Coffee - 110 Harvard Pl, Syracuse, NY

If you are able to get off campus, head on over to Westcott to check out the mother of fair-trade coffee in Syracuse: Recess Coffee. The store's funky interior and vast food and drink options will have you questioning if you really only came in for a cup of black coffee. You're sure to find something to treat yourself with while you crush some homework before happy hour.


You are a Recess girl if you find yourself sitting in the cafe more frequently than the library. There is no doubt that you appreciate the artsy interior and the posh Westcott vibe that the shop offers. There is ample seating for you, your girls and lots of cute guys who probably play the guitar. It is a fantastic go-to spot for a group study session, especially since it is open until midnight and way nicer than Bird Library. As a Recess girl, you don't mind taking risks, and you love adventures and meeting new people. You value good times, and you also love a good night out! You know that life is a journey, and you surely want it to be an exciting (and delicious) one!

Having trouble committing to a snack or a coffee? Try the Nutella-flavored latte when you're craving something sweet. On top of their specialty hot chocolates, lattes, milkshakes, they also have creative lunch options named after neighborhoods around campus!



Regardless, if you like your coffee black and bitter, light and sweet, or anywhere in between, there is something for everyone around this campus.

Photographer: Cathy Doherty

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