Seven Tips to Survive Being Sick in College

Because mom isn’t there to make it all better.

by TALIA ADLER ★ OCT. 19, 2018

Being sick in college is the absolute worst, but it is something we all go through. Whether it is a pesky cold, strep throat or mono, there are other things you can do besides just drinking water and sleeping (but please, do those too!)

1. Take Shots! (of Emergen-C)


If you don’t take Emergen-C daily, you are definitely missing out. One packet of this with a few ounces of water will give you the boost of vitamin C you need to recover as quickly as possible. You don’t even need to be sick to take this. Emergen-C aids your immune system, and can even help prevent you from getting sick in the first place!

2. Know Your Tea


You obviously know tea is soothing, but did you know that certain teas are known for targeting specific symptoms? If you are feeling nauseous, mint tea is good for settling your stomach. Also, a cup of ginger tea is a great natural alternative to advil. If your symptoms are keeping you awake at night, chamomile tea will put you right to sleep. Most importantly ladies, if you have bad period cramps, drink some raspberry leaf tea. You’re welcome.



It’s Friday night, you hear the music blasting through the thin dorm walls and you know a good pregame is happening. Followed by a good party. Then another one. Then some mozzarella sticks at Acropolis, and a movie back in the common room. As tempting as it is to embark on this thrilling adventure, STAY IN. It will happen tomorrow, we promise. And if you don’t feel better tomorrow, it will happen next weekend. Instead, put on your comfiest clothes, turn on your fairy lights and binge watch your favorite show.

4. Eat Spicy Ramen


Maybe this seems odd, but spicy food is amazing for clearing congestion. If the thought of chicken noodle soup just feels boring to you, try swapping it for a bowl of spicy ramen. Although ramen has essentially no nutritional value... it tastes good! And your sinuses will never feel clearer!

5. Ditch the coffee!


This is a tough one, we know, but coffee is very hard on the stomach, and the milk in it creates excess mucus which can make your cold even worse. If your Starbucks run in the morning is absolutely essential, opt for a warm tea instead! Maybe even throw in some banana bread to treat yourself for feeling so miserable.

7. Section Your Schoolwork


We know, The thought of doing homework when you are sick is absolutely dreadful. But in college, it is really easy to fall behind, and professors still expect you to be responsible for your work. If staying awake and alert is a struggle, try splitting your work into 15 minute sections. Do a 15 minute chunk, then lie down for five minutes. Then, repeat that process for as long as you can handle. Even if you cannot get everything done, it is important to do as much as you can possibly handle.

While these tips won’t heal you, hopefully this list helps to make your recovery as speedy as possible. Remember, the most important thing to do when you are sick is take care of yourself. So don’t forget the classics: drink water, sleep, and eat healthy!

Health, Self-careTayler Bradford