Watch Your Wallet

Going easy on the bank while going hard all year has never been easier.

by HATTIE LINDERT   ★    AUG. 1, 2018


With only one month left until you’re back in the land of Destiny USA and DJ’s, watching your wallet seems harder than ever. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With these five simple tricks, you will be saving those summer-job dollars in no time.

1. Use that SuperCard


When you just can’t deal with another salad or slice of Sbarro from Ernie, it’s human nature to splurge on your go-to GrubHub order. But if your bank account is dipping low, take advantage of your SuperCard!

Although we all know Kimmel as the post-after-hours destination, what some may not know is that Supercard money can be used all over campus. Instead of getting your Frappucino fix at the Starbucks on Marshall Street, take a walk to the one in the Campus West building. And if you’re craving a sit-down dining experience, the Goldstein Faculty Center Restaurant, located next to Bird Library, offers just that; plus, the cheesy breadsticks are to-die-for.

2. Take a walk


Uber Everwhere: great song, not such a great life motto. A 7 dollar ride from Day Hall to DJ’s does not seem like that much at first. But those late night trips add up quickly, especially if you’re also calling rides to and from class during the week and making your way downtown on the weekends!

Try to limit your Uber use to certain weekends, and don’t forget to split the fare. Another alternative is to avoid using Uber around campus as much as you can. Aim to only use it when you are traveling downtown or further.

Your purse will thank you, and after all of that extra walking, your toned legs will too.

3. Don’t forget to Venmo request!


We all love to treat our friends, and even strangers sometimes; what goes around comes back around, right? But while that 5 dollar Redbull vodka you picked up the tab for may seem like nothing at first, after a while, those gestures add up.

With Venmo, it’s easier than ever to split dinner, drinks or Destiny debts. You can even throw in one or two cute emojis to say thank you when you send your request!

4. DIY game day gear


Every UGirl knows that Cuse’s first tailgate of the season is like NYFW. Because there are so many cute ways to bleed orange, it’s hard not to splurge on new gear from Manny’s. But next time you walk down Marshall Street, resist the temptation!

You can create adorable tailgate tops all on your own. All you need is a T-shirt and a pair of scissors. Give two of our favorites a try: DIY tube top and backless halter look.

5. Student discount$


Between managing your school work and your social life, the last thing on your mind is saving money. With the inevitable expenses and time constraints of a UGirl, sometimes it feels completely impossible to spend money responsibly. But if you are looking to do a little online shopping, make sure to check out websites like Unidays and StudentBeans that offer student discounts.

Take advantage of the 10 percent off at Urban Outfitters, 20 percent off at American Eagle and many more. Not to mention, StudentBeans even offers a 25 dollar Zipcar driving credit, A.K.A. your grocery store run just got a whole lot cheaper.

And remember to use UGirl’s very own 10 percent discount code at Mixology (UGirl10)!


Happy saving UGirls! T-20 days until we’re back on campus <3

Tayler Bradford