Letter from the Executive Editor: Katie Intner


APR. 3, 2017


As an avid magazine reader, I am always looking for inspiration on what to wear, eat and how to balance life as a college student. When creating University Girl, I wanted to create an outlet that was relatable and inspiring in my every day life.

College girls are often forced to read magazines that are for older women out of college, or younger girls in high school. UGirl is for you, the college girl, by us, the college girls. UGirl is here to provide content that will inspire you to add that minor in political science, or apply for that internship you have always wanted. UGirl will help you feel trend-setting and confident on campus.

Since I became a dual-major in magazine and information management & technology, I have realized that magazine articles are more than how to style your high-waisted jeans, or what the next paleo diet is. Magazines feature amazing women in the world who are changing industries, like politics and technology. Some of these amazing women are right here on the SU campus. We want to showcase the college girls who are making a difference because college girls inspire other college girls.

Our voice is inspiring, yet playful with our humorous GIFs and witty writing. So take a look, read our stories, maybe even bookmark the page. But most importantly: be yourself, be a UGirl.

Katie Intner

Executive Editor


Tayler Bradford