Hi UGirls,

If you are reading this, you have attended the writing orientation meeting, and you are ready to start writing.

I did not explain the writing process clearly enough, so here is how to go about writing your first article. There have been some changes for this upcoming meeting. There is no article drafts due this week. This upcoming Monday, February 19, the only thing that will be due is pitches, since we held two orientation meetings for writers this week.

1. Pick a topic and pitch it.

To pick a topic (or pitch one of your own), click on "UGirl Article Pitches" on the staff page, or click here. EVERY ARTICLE must be pitched before you begin to write, just so we can make sure you're headed in the right direction. Pitches can be short and to the point. I will upload an example sometime this week, but a couple sentences about what you are going to write will suffice. You only need to pitch before your first draft- not your second or third.

2. You will receive an approval email. 

All pitches will be answered to via email with a message saying that it has been approved or denied. If your pitch is denied, there will be comments regarding why. After that, just fix your pitch and resubmit.

3. Write your first draft and submit it before Saturday at 12 p.m. before the following Monday (the day of the writing meeting).

You can submit all drafts (whether it's first draft or final draft) by clicking "Submit an Article Draft" on the staff page, or by clicking here

4. Attend the writer's meeting on Mondays for a workshop with the editor. 

The meeting will begin with announcements, and then we will break off into groups with the editors to workshop articles. This shouldn't take long, but we will go as quickly as possible.

5. Your article will be published when your editor submits it for publication.


This will be a constant process for throughout the semester. There will be writing meetings every Monday evening. Each week, we will send an email out with the meeting details (i.e. Time and location). Please notify us if you can't make it so we know whether to expect you for workshopping!

If you have any questions, please contact us at We will try to get back to all emails within 24-48 hours.


The UGirl Team💖

Tayler Bradford